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Campus Map & Directions

Gender Neutral Bathrooms are located at buildings:

  • 700    (East campus) internal staff/single occupancy down stairs
  • 1100 (South campus) internal single occupancy
  • 1500 (West campus) external single occupancy
  • 2300 (North campus) internal men’s upstairs restroom​

Campus Map

Chabot College Map


Charter Bus Loading and Drop-off Map

Groups visiting by charter bus can load and drop off passengers at the areas marked with a star.

Click on the map to see the pdf version

Smoking Map

Smoking is only allowed in parking lots (shown in red below).

Campus Smoking Map

Parking Information

Parking Fees:

Parking permits ($2.00) must be displayed on the dashboard by all vehicles

Permit Enforcement Hours:

  • Monday-Friday 7am-10pm
  • Saturday 7am-5pm
  • Sundays and Holidays: Free

On Saturdays, guests may park in designated staff spaces but must display a parking permit on the dashboard. Permit dispensers are located in Lots E and B. They are yellow and located on the light poles. Authorized holders of DMV disabled plates or placards may park in designated disabled spaces and must display a valid parking permit on the dashboard.

Building Identification

Building # Description
100 Library; Media Services; WRAC Center (remainder of building is under renovation)
200 Health Center; Administration; Campus Safety and Security
300 Language Arts Classrooms
400 Instructional Office Building (IOB) (Business, Language Arts, and Social Sciences
Faculty Offices)
500 Social Sciences Classrooms

Community Student Services Center (Admissions and Records; Assessment; Counseling;
Student Services. Community Education; Financial Aid; Foundation; Grantwriting; Off-Campus Programs);
Gender Neutral Bathroom

800 Classrooms shared by various divisions
900 Humanities Classrooms
1000 School of the Arts Classrooms
1100 Humanities Faculty Offices;
Gender Neutral Bathroom
1200 Music Skills Center; Little Theater
1300 Auditorium
1400 Technology Center
1500 Applied Technology Faculty Offices; Classrooms;
Gender Neutral Bathroom
1600 Applied Technology and Business Classrooms
1700 Mathematics; Physics (under construction)
1800 Science and Mathematics Classrooms
1900 Science Lecture Halls; Planetarium
2000 Science and Mathematics Faculty Offices
2100 Biological Sciences Classrooms
2200 Health Sciences/Dental Health
2300 Cafeteria; the Learning Connection; Peer Academic Tutoring Help (PATH); Student Life;
Gender Neutral Bathroom
2400 Disabled Students Resource Center
2500 Gymnasium
2600 Physical Education Faculty Offices; Classrooms
2700 Women's Shower and Locker Rooms; Classrooms
2800 Men's Shower and Locker Rooms
2900 Physical Education Classrooms
3000 Maintenance Building and Warehouse
3100 Emergency Medical Services Classrooms
3300 Campus Safety and Security
3400 BMW Automotive Facility
3500 Children's Center
3700 Children's Center
3800 Bookstore
3900 Chemistry/Computer Science Classrooms
4000 Physical Education Faculty Offices
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