Project Management Program

The Program Management program prepares students to find employment as program managers. The focus is on developing the skills to run projects from start to finish. Students learn both methodology and best practices. They will complete a review course to prepare for a certification examination.

Career Opportunities in Business

For any business to be successful, project management is essential; it is the core of nearly all daily operations. A project manager is responsible for grouping skilled workers into teams, constructing and instituting team plans, and facilitating the execution of all projects. This is all done to achieve the company's goals.Specific duties and roles for each project manager depend, to a large extent, on the company the manager works for and the industry in which the company operates. Industries that use project management: business, finance, banking and accounting firms, technology and pharmaceutical companies, event management, local, state and federal government, healthcare, and education to name a few. This career allows students to be flexible in using their skills in an ever changing marketplace.

Project Management Certificate of Proficiency Program Map

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Project Management CP Program Map

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