Real Estate Courses

These listings are sourced from Curricunet, and some courses may not be offered every semester. For additional information, contact the academic department, speak with counseling or refer to the current Class Schedule and College Catalog.

REST 80 - Real Estate Principles    ( 3.00 - Units )
Real and personal property acquisition, ownership, estates in real property, joint tenancies, partnerships, sales contracts, homesteads, deeds and taxes. Methods of financing, real estate practices, and regulation of the real estate business.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  1. Develop an understanding of the importance of real estate in a society
  2. Develop the ability to communicate the benefit of real estate to others
  3. Student will be able to explain difference between Real Property and Personal Property
  4. To develop critical thinking skills about appropriate property acquisition

REST 81A - Legal Aspects of Real Estate    ( 3.00 - Units )
California law as applied to real estate problems; origin and sources of California real estate law; contracts in general; real estate contracts; law of agency and regulation of agents; classification of property; easements; acquisition and transfer of interests of property; methods and incidents of ownership; land description; recordation.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  1. Ability to explain fundamental workings of real estate law
  2. Have an understanding of contractual obligations
  3. Recognize the importance of legal guidelines in real estate transactions
  4. Student will be able to list the various types of Alternative Dispute Resolutions

REST 82A - Real Estate Appraisal    ( 3.00 - Units )
Real Estate appraisals, the appraisal process, and approaches, methods, and techniques used to determine value of various types of property; current trends, neighborhood analysis, and preparing an appraisal report; emphasis on residential and single-unit property.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  1. Identify the characteristics of value
  2. Recognize the role and benefit of appraisals in society
  3. Student will be able to list the uses of an appraisal.
  4. Understand and explain appraisal reports

REST 83 - Real Estate Finance    ( 3.00 - Units )
Financing transactions in the real estate business and in lending institutions; analysis of money markets, interest rates and real estate financing. Financing procedures, residential and commercial financing.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  1. Possess an understanding of government policy's role in real estate finance
  2. Student will be able to list the differences between the Primary Mortgage Market and the Secondary Mortgage market.
  3. Develop the ability to recognize attractive financing options for real estate
  4. Explain real estate financing options and programs in the primary and secondary markets

REST 84 - Real Estate Practice    ( 3.00 - Units )
Principles and practical techniques of operating a real estate business. Emphasis on daily activities of brokers and salesperson; introduction to appraising, exchanges, listings, advertising, financing, and marketing. Exchanges, specialized brokerage, property management, professional and public relations

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  1. Develop an understanding of the way real estate companies serve the public
  2. Develop the ability to choose the correct real estate transaction for an individual client
  3. Explain in clear understandable terms different real estate transactions
  4. Student will be able to list the different types of real estate listing agreements

REST 88 - Real Estate Property Management    ( 3.00 - Units )
Problems encountered by owners and resident managers of residential and commercial income properties; application of sound business principles in the pursuit of operational effectiveness.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  1. Describe accessibility modifications necessary for housing to comply with government regulations
  2. Explain the difference between a property manager and an asset manager
  3. Name and explain business cycles affecting property management
  4. Student will be able to describe how property management industry assists the public and users of of real estate.
  5. Student will be able to describe ways in which a property manager relates to the construction industry.
  6. Student will be able to explain how the Property Management field provides a service to property owners.

REST 90 - Exam Preparation: CA Licensing    ( 2.00 - Units )
This course is designed to prepare the student for the State of California DRE licensing examination. During this course many real estate topics are covered in examination format.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  1. Apply strategies for scoring at an individual's highest potential on the State of California Exam
  2. Differentiate between various real estate contracts
  3. List and explain mandatory components of a real estate contract
  4. Student will be able to accurately utilize real estate terminology.
  5. Student will be able to explain the difference between personal property and real property.
  6. Student will be able to explain the difference between real estate sections and real estate townships.