Service Learning Program

Service Learning

Are you already volunteering in the community? Have you ever wanted to start volunteering?

If so, the Service Learning Program is for you!

The Service Learning Program places students in meaningful volunteer projects in community organizations or schools, approved by instructor and supervised by site supervisor. In our SERV 5 and 85 courses we provide an introduction to practical skills and knowledge required to serve as effective volunteers or tutors. We engage in discussions about specific problems in the community and investigate and carry out service projects to address them. Classes meet one hour per week on campus for reflection and discussion of community issues, and students will serve at least 3 hours per week in community agencies or schools. SERV 5 is specifically focused on the practice of a World Language in a real setting by involvement with local community organizations and/or schools.

Our current 3 point focus of the Service Learning Program:

  1. SERV 5 & 85 – Coursework (see below)
  2. Serving the campus – To provide a variety of options for faculty to use service learning as part of their course curriculum and/or part of their department/Pathway.
  3. Community outreach – To collaborate with community organizations who need volunteers thus meeting community needs through the service projects conducted.


  • Earn college credit, CSU transferable
  • Build your resume
  • Explore career pathways
  • Feel amazing by building community and helping others


  • SERV 5 (A-D) Service Learning for World Languages (2 units)
  • SERV 85 (A-D) Learning in Action: General Service Learning and Health Sciences (2-3 units)

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