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Art Courses

Contact: Bonnie Stipe,

ART 201 - Sculpture and Ceramic Art for Mature Adults
Construction methods in clay through design of three-dimensional and relief sculptures. Includes an introduction to ceramic art history and fundamentals of ceramic glaze and firing technology. Elements and principles of three-dimensional design are emphasized in oral and written critiques. This course is designed to improve artistic ability of mature adults 50 + years of age or older.

ART 202 - Painting and Drawing for Mature Adults
This noncredit course offers an individualized program of painting for the mature adult. Applications of basic principles of composition and color. Covers as well as techniques, materials and terminology of two-dimensional image making will be covered in a hands-on studio format. This is a non-credit course.

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Healthy Aging Courses

Contact: Ella Vilche,

HEAG BY50 - Balance & Yoga for the Mature Adult
Designed to teach the principles of yoga and how they apply to improve balance, strength and wellness for the mature adult. Breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation techniques to lower stress and hypertension will be practiced throughout the course.

HEAG FN50 - Functional Movement and Balance for the Mature Adult
Develops balance and functional movement for the mature adult (50+years in age). Course will include nutritional information to prevent hypertension and diabetes. Course is moderate to hard in intensity. Prior to enrollment student should get physician's OK to exercise.

HEAG FW50 - Fitness Walks for the Mature Adult
This course is designed to improve cardiovascular fitness and overall wellness in the mature adult. Students will actively walk and hike in the surrounding community to improve their overall health and well being.

HEAG SF50 - Strength and Fitness for the Mature Adult
Designed to increase the stamina, strength, and metabolism in the mature adult. Course will focus on adult type II diabetes prevention.

HEAG SW50 - Cardiovascular Swimming for the Mature Adult
Designed to improve cardiovascular fitness in the older adult. Emphasis on swimming with the aerobic target heart rate training zone. Instruction will also address personal nutrition, hypertension and the prevention of adult type II diabetes.

HEAG WA50 - Introduction to Fitness Walking for the Older Adult
Intended for older students of all fitness levels who would like to improve their health and well being through walking. Walking routes begin on campus and explore a multitude of nearby parks and trails. Topics to be discussed include: fitness and health assessment, equipment and safety, walking techniques, motivation, nutrition basics, program design and evaluation, volkssporting and more.

HEAG WE50 - Resistance Training for Bone Density for the Mature Adult
Designed to teach the basic elements of resistance training and wellness to older adult. Technique and nutritional information to improve bone density and metabolism will be emphasized.

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Music Performance Courses

Contact: Timothy Harris, 

MUSP 213 - Wind Band Performance for Mature Adults
Instrumental ensemble performance of new repertoire each semester designed for the mature adult (50 +) seeking study in the wind band setting. Enrollment subject to a standardized audition demonstrating musical ability and technical proficiency at a level suitable to the course level. This course is designed to improve artistic ability of mature adults 50 + years of age or older.

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