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Computer Science

This is an academic program oriented towards satisfying lower division Computer Science requirements for the Computer Science major. Serves as a source of courses for professional programmers to upgrade skills. Courses also provided for majors in mathematics, business, biology, physics, engineering, computer science, geology and related disciplines. It is also intended to meet most university transfer requirements in Computer Science for the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and related fields.


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Computer Science


Computer Science Careers

Computer Scientists work in a variety of jobs the span almost all areas of business and industry. Programmers code and design applications for banking, telecommunications, multimedia, entertainment, education, publishing, accounting, law and countless other fields. We live in a society increasingly driven by computers and by embracing  computer technology now, you will always be one step ahead of the competition.  

As a graduate of Computer Science you may work in one of the following fields:

  • systems analysis
  • software design, coding and maintenance  (computer programming)
  • configuring software to meet the needs of end-users
  • installing and adapting commercial software
  • technical assistance
  • technical writing
  • quality assurance
  • computer systems administration
  • network and database administration
  • systems security and network protection
  • technical sales and marketing
  • management
  • research