Foster Parent Training Schedule

Fall 2022 Schedule


Welcome & Introduction (also counts for CARI credit) 

Saturday, 9/24; 9am-12pm RSVP HERE 

Participants will receive an overview of the series, goals, and rewards for participation. Participants will also hear from key resources and supports for caregivers. ONLINE 

Attachment & Bonding (also counts for CARI credit) 

Saturday, 9/24; 1-4pm RSVP HERE 

A study of the initial ties that develop between newborn babies and their mothers will be explored. The physical survival and social development thread related to nurturance and forming human attachment will be discussed. A group activity will be included to support learning practice. ONLINE 

Strengthening Families 

Saturday, 9/24, 9am – 4pm RSVP HERE 

Designed specifically for Resource Parents, this training explores how to strengthen family relationships through understanding the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual factors that influence behaviors in children and adults. You will learn how trauma and neglect impact the developing brain and strategies for nurturing responsive and healthy relationships. This workshop was developed to support healthy familial relationships.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)  

In Person at Chabot College (Vaccination proof required) 

Monday & Tuesday, 9/26-27; 8:30 – 4:30PM (includes 16 CE hours) RSVP HERE 

Presented by WestCoast Children’s Clinic, this training will provide an advanced and comprehensive curriculum on best practices for supporting and parenting youth that are commercially sexually exploited. The training will build on the skills and concepts learned in previous commercial sexual exploitation trainings, including but not limited to: an exploration of common dynamics when caring for and supporting commercially exploited youth and how these dynamics impact parenting/caretaking and caregivers. Lunch Included. IN-PERSON 

Expectations & Milestones (also counts for CARI credit) 

Saturday, 10/1; 9am-12pm RSVP HERE 

Developmental, physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth areas will be examined. Students will learn about the impact of trauma on the infant-child and how to nurture their healthy development. Constructive play and child development theory will be discussed. ONLINE 

Special Medical Needs (also counts for CARI credit) 

Saturday, 10/1; 1-4pm RSVP HERE 

Medical, developmental, and emotional challenges of children affected by drugs and alcohol will be examined. Students will learn the complex role of care providers for children who are affected by drugs and alcohol. Support services for care providers will be investigated and discussed. ONLINE 

Nutrition (also counts for CARI credit) 

Wednesday, 10/5; 6-9pm RSVP HERE 

The history of farm food and nutrition will be studied to understand healthy eating and planning. Discussion includes measurement chart review, simple healthy snacks and drinks, seasonal guide to fruit and vegetables, and smart balanced meals to grab and go. Calorie choices and child eating preferences included. ONLINE 

Co-Dependency (also counts for CARI credit) 

Wednesday, 10/12; 6-9pm RSVP HERE 

Students will explore the meaning of co-dependency, identify symptoms of co-dependent behaviors, and use self-reflection to examine how co-dependent people behave. Compassion fatigue theory will be reviewed to support student learning. ONLINE 

HIV/AIDS Awareness (also counts for CARI credit) 

Saturday, 10/15; 9am-12pm RSVP HERE 

The trends and health experiences of children and adults will be analyzed using Center for Disease Control and Alameda County Public Health data. Students will learn the difference between AIDS, HIV, and STDs, and how they impact healthy child development. ONLINE 

Self-Care (also counts for CARI credit) 

Saturday, 10/15; 1-4pm RSVP HERE 

Providing care for little ones is difficult. How are you taking care of yourself? This interactive session will teach self-care strategies for caregivers to help them remain healthy, balanced, and energized. ONLINE 

Infant Stimulation (also counts for CARI credit) 

Wednesday, 10/19; 6-9pm RSVP HERE 

Supportive techniques and child development strategies will be examined to help parents understand the importance of infant stimulation. Students will explore infant stimulation through baby massage and touch. Music and sound enhancements are included. ONLINE 

History & Theory of Drug Addiction (also counts for CARI credit) 

Saturday, 10/22; 9am-12pm RSVP HERE 

Exploration of addiction behavior theory though discussion and inquiry of issues related to birth parents and care providers. Socio-emotional and socio-economic dynamics will be reviewed. Students will engage in group learning discussions and focus on healthy family behavior patterns. ONLINE 

Understanding Learning Disabilities (also counts for CARI credit) 

Saturday, 10/22; 1-4pm RSVP HERE 

Children with learning disabilities often experience frustration, anxiety, and tension, but things do not always have to be this way. This class will teach strategies for supporting children with learning disabilities. ONLINE 

Loss and Grief (also counts for CARI credit) 

Wednesday, 10/26; 6-9pm RSVP HERE 

Loss and Grief experiences of children and adults who are living with the effects of trauma and separation from birth families will be explored. Students will develop an understanding of behavior triggers. Discussion will include analysis of the loss and grief stages. ONLINE