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Lois Jones Rasberry


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Dr. Lois Rasberry Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Rasberry directed our Foster Care and Kinship Program, teaching, supporting, and serving foster youth and their fostering and adoptive families. In this work, she manifested daily loving kindness and commitment to community. For those who knew her professionally or personally, she radiated accomplishment and caring. The difference she made in the lives of young people and foster families is beyond recounting, but deeply known. Her colleagues, friends and family established this scholarship in her honor.


“Receiving this certificate [of scholarship award] in the mail made me so proud of my progress so far. This was confirmation that even when you think noone is looking or cheering youon, someone is there rooting for you and offering support. Thank you for seeing good in me and helping me get one step closer to my goals. I will use these funds to continue my education and take care of my family. I will continue to study hard, make great academic progress and pay this good deed forward. Thank you so much for kindness and selflessness.”  - Past recipient