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We seek to foster in students and understanding of the range and complexity of human societies and social structures, and the methods that have been used to study human society. We also seek to inspire a value for diversity, and to prepare students for successful transfer.

Sociology studies human interaction and society with emphasis on the impact of culture and social institutions on human behavior. In particular, sociology students learn how race, class, gender, and sexuality shape our everyday lives.

The Chabot Sociology department serves hundreds of students who are academically and culturally diverse. A large number of Chabot students take sociology courses to fulfill their General Education requirements, to transfer, or for personal enrichment. The department also offers an AA-T degree in Sociology. Courses offered include: Introductory Sociology, Sociology of Gender, Marriage & Family Relations, Racial & Cultural Minorities, Introduction to Research Methods, Social Problems, Human Sexuality, Introduction to Asian American Studies, and Women of Color in the U.S.

 All Sociology courses are transferable to CSU and UC, and meet GE breadth requirements for the associate degree.


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