Computer and Network Guidelines

These guidelines are to provide the end user with the necessary information and rules on usage and movement of computers at Chabot Community College campus.

  1. The following should be reported through the Help Desk at 925-424-1715, from on campus just dial x1715. This ensures timely service and tracking of your needs.
    1. Any computer or associated hardware problems.
    2. Any computer or services access issues.
    3. All web or web related issues to include permissions, training, content, or design help by calling Help Desk at x1715. Content is managed by the designated person(s) for the particular site. New sites can be created by calling the Help Desk.
    4. To request an upgrade evaluation or to have your computer upgrade scheduled.
    5. Any phone related moves, adds or changes to include voicemail and name changes.
    6. Any issues printing, coping or scanner to Ricoh copiers.
    7. Fax machine issues.
  2. All movement of computers and associated hardware are to be coordinated with the Dean of the associated area and the Vice President of Administrative Services via 925-424-1715, from on campus just dial x1715. These items are inventoried by room and program.
    1. When installing new computers, the displaced systems will collected by CCS. If reasonable, these systems will be upgraded to current minimum standards and redeployed to replace other operating units. If the units cannot be brought up to at least minimum levels they will be disposed of. All units are property of Chabot College Campus not the individual departments.
  3. Only Computer Support will install software on local machines. The software must have original disks and licensing. Computer Support will place this in our inventory and placed under our control. If this is personal software, it must be accompanied with a sales receipt and given to Computer Support.

    NOTE: This ensures that it does not conflict with the primary software required on campus. Software licensing states that it can only be used on one machine only.
  4. NO items will be connected to the campus network without prior approval of both the District and Campus IT Departments.
  5. All Computer hardware, software and associated equipment purchases will be processed through the appropriate Dean and Chabot Computer Support. This to ensure supportability of the purchase both long term and short term. Deliveries will be made to the Computer Support Department so that installations can be scheduled and inventories are updated. Any requisition received by District without CCS's review stamp will be returned for CCS review to ensure compliance with specifications and best possible pricing (CCS has many Community College Contracts that save the campus money).
  6. Any computer equipment or computer related equipment that is personal property should be marked so that it is not placed in our inventory. Personal property is not supported or repaired by Computer Support.
  7. Faculty and Administrative Staff have U drives that are available for storing files. These drives are backed up regularly. This space is for storing data files related to Chabot College. Programs should not be stored here, nor should personal pictures or other personal files.
  8. Computers should be turned off at the end of each day. This is to ensure updates are received and to conserve energy.
  9. Do not lock the computer screen if you might be gone more than ten (10) minutes. If Computer Support needs to work on your computer your open work would be deleted.
  10. Administrative rights to individual computers and to classroom machines will be granted on exception bases only. The reasons for such a request must be specific in nature and beyond the control or level of expertise of the Computer Support Department. Examples: Programs owned and/or operated by outside vendor (BMW, Dentrix). Specialty software or hardware that requires certification that only the specific individual maintains (Solidworks) and where our normal processes will interfere with the operation of the hardware or software. Additional considerations is does this program(s) required daily, weekly, or just one time set up manipulations that Computer Support can set in master images. Examples that do not warrant administrative rights are: updating software, java, flash, shockwave, installing evaluation software, installing printers, installing other hardware, etc.

If there are any questions, concerns or comments please contact the District IT.