On-Campus Student Jobs

If funding for the job requires federal work study eligibility, and you are unsure if you are eligible, please contact the Financial Aid Office to find out.

Title: STEM Research Assistant
Department: Science & Mathematics
Description: Conduct NASA research and testing for prototypes. Duties include setting up experiments, recording data, writing reports, troubleshooting equipment, etc.
Location: Building 1600 and 1800
Hourly Wage: $15
Qualifications: Lab and technical writing experience preferred
Hours: 10 hours per week
Number of Openings: 5

To be eligible for this position, students must have received the Pell Grant. If you are interested in this position and you have been awarded the Pell Grant, please fill out this application form.

Title: ECD Student Assistant
Department: Chabot College Children's Center/ECD Lab School
Description: Under the director of the Early Childhood Specialist(s), Early Childhood Specialist Assistant(s), and Program Director, the ECD student assistant functions as a team member in supervision, care, and facilitation of toddler and preschool age children in the CCCC ECD Lab School on the campus of Chabot College.
Location: Building 3500 and 3700
Hourly Wage: $16.50
Qualifications: 1.) Must have 9 units in ECD/ECE. 2.) Knowledge of a) first aid and safety requirements. b) Mandated Reporting c) awareness of hygienic practices to avoid spread of disease. 3.) Ability to a) lift children weighing up to 50lbs. b) stand for extended periods of time. c) Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with children, staff, and faculty.
Hours: We need support 8am-5pm M-F. 20 hours a week maximum per person.
How to apply: Please contact Carmen M. Ortiz, Program Director, via email at cmortiz@chabotcollege.edu and request an intake form for the ECD student assistant job.
Number of Openings: 6

Title: Student Assistant
Department: MESA/TRIO-STEM Program
Description: Tutor, learning assistant, lab assistant or program assistant focused on helping students in chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, engineering and calculus-track math. To learn more about our program, visit the MESA website.
Location: Building 3900/2000
Hourly Wage: $16.00
Qualifications: Must be a member of MESA/TRIO-STEM program
Hours: Flexible
How to apply: Contact Maria Rodriguez-Larrain, mesa-triostem@chabotcollege.edu

Title: Engineering Student Assistant
Department: Science & Mathematics/Engineering
Description: Organize & store lab supplies; Assemble lab kits; Help maintain/repair lab equipment; Demonstrate how to complete engineering labs; Hold tutoring hours
Location: Rooms 1612, 1804, 3902
Hourly Wage: $15.50
Qualifications: Must have at least one engineering course at Chabot; priority for students with Technical Design and/or Computational Design Certificates
Hours: 15 - 20 hours per week; Schedule is flexible
How to apply: Please send an email to Daniel Quigley, dquigley@chabotcollege.edu

Title: Office Assistant
Department: Academic Services
Description: Manage incoming/outgoing mail, review all forms for accuracy and process for signature, general office support, and assist schedulers with various projects.
Location: Building 200
Hourly Wage: $15-$16
Qualifications: Knowledge of general office duties; experience with Microsoft Suite; prior office experience helpful
Hours: Flexible - up to 10 hours
How to apply: Please send an email to Cheree Manicki, cmanicki@chabotcollege.edu

The position is funded by Federal Work Study; you must be Federal Work Study eligible to be hired.

Title: Chemistry Stockroom Assistant
Department: Science & Math/Chemistry
Description: (1) Data entry, chemistry inventory entry, generate safety labels for the lab prep (2) Assist Instructors/students as they come to the window (3) Assist with lab preparation and breakdown (4) Clean/tidy lab rooms and stockroom (5) Tag old/malfunction equipment (6) Put away equipment as necessary (7) Organize glassware (8) Load, unload dishwasher (9) Tend the stockroom window during lab hours (10) Report unsafe conditions or equipment (11) Monitor the schedule board
Location: Building 3900
Hourly Wage: Starting at $15
Qualifications: Basic chemistry knowledge - Chemistry 31
Hours: 10-20
How to apply: Please email, Safiyyah Forbes, sforbes@chabotcollege.edu, or Jean Gener, jgener@chabotcollege.edu

The position is funded by Federal Work Study; you must be Federal Work Study eligible to be hired.

Title: Student Assistant
Department: Special Programs/TRIO ETS/HPN
Description: Our grants support middle and high school students to be academically successful and with college-readiness.  We have opportunities for college student staff to support student advising/mentoring; tutoring (all levels); support after school clubs like STEAM Team and Theater Club; helping to chaperone field trips to colleges, museums, etc.; data entry.
Location: At one of our 8 target middle/high schools
Hourly Wage: $15
Qualifications: A desire to work with middle and high school students.  Having worked previously (any job okay!) but nor required.
Hours: Typically, during the academic day at school sites and after school.  We do have virtual work after school provided student employee can tutor.  Occasional weekend/evening work tabling community events. It is flexible since it depends on number of hours per student.
How to Apply: Send an email to Robin Galas at rgalas@chabotcollege.edu