Outcome and Assessment Committee


  • Support the learning college model
  • Affirm the autonomy, integrity and individuality of the teaching process.
  • Create opportunities for reflection on the education process for students, faculty and staff.
  • Maintain open and continuous dialogue about the Student Learning Outcome & Assessment cycle.
  • Make expectations, competencies, and procedures for students transparent.
  • Build flexible documentation systems that can incorporate both quantitative and qualitative information about student learning.



  • Dr. Safiyyah Forbes, VP of Academic Services
  • Julie Coan, Faculty


Department or Group


Curriculum Specialist  

Meray Aghyarian 

Applied Tech & Business  

Jas Bhangal

Art, Media & Communication  



John Salangsang 

Language Arts  

Alisa Yungerman 

Health & PE  

Julie Coan 

Social Sciences  

Hilal Ozdemir 


Bobby Nakamoto 

Science & Math  

Christine Coreno 

Library Services  


Faculty Senate  


Classified Senate  

Rachael Tupper-Eoff 

Classified Senate  

Na Liu 

Classified Senate  

Brenda Dominguez 

Faculty Association  


Student Senate  

Stephanie Cornelio 

Institutional Research  

Na Liu 

VP Academic services  

Meray Aghyarian 

Academic Senate  



  • First and Third Tuesdays of the Month via Zoom and in-person room 130
  • Fifth Tuesdays on an "as-needed" basis only

 Committee Norms