2021-26 Education Master Plan

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2021-2026 Education Master Plan 04/21/21

Chabot College is off to a strong start in its 2021-26 Educational Master Plan (EMP) planning process! Chabot convened the first meeting of the EMP Task Force, a new PRAC workgroup that will meet weekly to plan and develop the EMP in conjunction with the College community. The ten-person task force consists of a mix of academic faculty, student services staff, and administrators, along with the College Lead and supported by the SSCR Project Facilitator and Project Associate assigned to the College.

The Chabot EMP Task Force’s first task will be to review the MVV suggestions gathered from the College community on Flex Day and create an updated version of the MVV statement. This update will be presented to the PRAC and the Chabot Senates for final revision and approval before being submitted to the College President for final approval. The Task Force is reviewing the district-wide Guiding Principles for the planning effort, presented during the district-wide launch, and using this webpage to keep constituents informed.

Chabot College EMP Task Force

Chabot EMP Task Force

Salimah Shabazz 'Ms. Mak', CC Associated Students representative

Javier Castro, CC Associated Students representative

Tom deWit, English Instructor, UMOJA Board Member (FA Rep)

Katrin Field, Assessment Specialist, Counseling (SEIU Rep)

Dr. Cynthia Gordon da Cruz, Coordinator of Institutional Research

Dr. Kim Morrison, Information Literacy & Technology Librarian, Library Coordinator (Academic Senate Rep)

Debbie Trigg, Dean of Counseling

Rachel Tupper-Eoff, Senior Administrative Assistant, Learning Connection

Dr. Jeanne Wilson, Dean of Special Programs and Services

Samantha Kessler, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and College EMP Task Force Lead