Digital Parking Permit FAQ

Why are we upgrading our parking permit system?

We upgraded because it:

  1. Is all digital. You do not need to display nor print a permit anymore. Your vehicle's license plate is your digital permit.
  2. Is eco friendly and saves money. Purchasing physical permits, postage and shipping are no longer needed.
  3. Is all online with expanded accessibility and ease of obtaining permits. You can access the web-based system from anywhere, at anytime, with your computer and mobile device.
  4. Has multilingual support with Google Translate or other translation programs.

How does Digital Parking Permit work?

  1. You do not need to display a paper permit anymore. Your vehicle's license plate is linked to your digital permit, when you buy or register for a digital parking permit. In essence, your vehicle's license plate is your digital permit.
  2. All you have to do is to purchase or register from the Online Parking Portal by Starting Here.

How are online permit enforced?

License plates of vehicles parked on campus are required to be linked to an active digital permit, in the Online Parking Portal. A parking ticket will be issued when a license plate is not linked to a valid digital permit, or if the digital permit is expired.

What is the district going to do with my vehicle license information?

The vehicle license plate information will strictly be used for permit identification only. Law enforcement agencies and entities outside of the district will not have access to the information without a court order or warrant. The information will automatically be deleted after a certain timeframe.

Digital Permit and Parking Info for...

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NEED HELP?! Contact Parking Permit Assistance, or visit the Campus Safety office