Hayward Promise Neighborhood

Chabot College is one of various partners in the Hayward Promise Neighborhoods (HPNs) working to revitalize the Downtown Hayward neighborhood. The Chabot HPNs Program works collaboratively to provide students and families in Downtown Hayward comprehensive support throughout the “cradle to college to career” pipeline.

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Elementary, middle, or high school students and their families who live in the South Hayward Neighborhood OR attend one of the following schools:

We are also open to undocumented students.
Learn more about Dreamers support and resources for undocumented students.

Services Provided

Bridge to College
Chabot College classes for middle/high school students. Classes count towards both middle/high school and college credit. Offered onsite at middle and high schools listed above. Please contact YEP for course offerings and enrollment information.

group of students

Pipeline to College, Middle and High School
Prepares students for college by building confidence and esteem and increasing academic skills through mentoring, tutoring, advising, workshops, career exploration, family workshops and field trips.

Summer Youth Programs
Summer programs are currently under development.

Teacher/Educator Pathway
Chabot is working to provide clearer pathways for students interested in careers in education, including pathways from high school; the development of additional curriculum; clearer information and guides for students; supporting the CATE club (Chabot Association for Teacher Education); employment experience and opportunities like tutoring; and agreements with 4-year institutions to which our students may transfer.

Adult Education
Chabot is offering additional, bilingual, community-based outreach, support and assistance with enrollment to adults and parents who have children attending eligible schools, who attend Hayward Adult School and/or who live in the Downtown Hayward Neighborhood and who wish to take classes at Chabot.

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