Striving Black Brothers Coalition - SBBC

Art Barboza founded The Striving Black Brothers Coalition. The coalition exists to address the most persistent obstacles on this community. Its voluntary membership is comprised of African American men who possess a burning desire and vision for success.
Striving Black Brothers Coalition (SBBC) family-oriented philosophy recognizes members as a whole person and empowers them to overcome personal and daily obstacles. Through striving relentlessly to attain dreams and goals together, brothers construct a mindset of self-determination used in college and far beyond.

The Striving Black Brothers Coalition (SBBC) provides a safe environment for African American males to address life issues that may hinder academic success through faculty and peer mentorship and connection to campus services focusing on: personal development, academic excellence, mentoring, and community services. Through these components, SBBC strives to foster a sense of inclusiveness and belonging, increased academic engagement and ultimately, academic excellence among its members.

We focus on four major components:

  1. Personal Development
    1. Sense of belonging/support
    2. Understanding of self, community, and purpose
    3. Fulfillment of responsibilities and goals
    4. Cultural Empowerment
    5. Life Skills Training
  2. Academic Excellence
    1. Knowledge of strategies, tools, and services
    2. Utilization of resources
    3. Educational/Career Planning
    4. Preparation for college transfer
  3. Mentoring
    1. Guidance by Academic/Professional community
    2. Career-Diverse community
    3. Mentor others/engage in community service
  4. Community Services
    1. Members share their talents, knowledge, and resources with the community

SBBC Meetings

  • SBBC Weekly meetings held on Thursdays 5pm-7pm Boardroom
  • Fall 2020 Semester will be Zoom format

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Contact Us

Building & room Building 700, Room 767N - 2nd fl

Art Barboza
SBBC Coordinator & Founder
Phone 510.723.7122

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