If you are eligible for CalFRESH, you could receive up to $198/month for groceries, plus take home some groceries from the FRESH Pantry.

What is CalFRESH?

  • Monthly cash assistance for purchasing food. 
  • Provided via EBT debit card (looks like any other debit card).
  • Use it to buy groceries and fresh produce at participating stores & farmer's markets.
  • Learn more at the CalFresh website.

Visit Us at CalFresh Week

CalFresh will be at these events providing:

  • Info on what CalFresh is and how to apply.
  • How to grow your own food and make delicious meals, and more!

Eligibility Requirements

In CalFresh, a household is a group of people who regularly buy and eat food together. The people in a household do not have to be related to each other.

  • Households can be as small as one person
  • The same address can have more than one household
  • You don't need to have a home to receive CalFresh

Basic Eligibility Questions

  • Does anyone in your household have a social security number?
  • Is your monthly income before taxes, less than the amount allowed?
    See the current income guidelines.

If you answered YES to both questions, you may qualify CalFresh.
If you answered NO, you may still qualify for CalFresh.

How to Apply

Contact Us for help applying to CalFRESH.

Apply at

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