5 Using the Web


Introduction - Skills to be learned
About the Web

To Use or Not to Use?
Locate It on the Web
Going Directly to a Site ("The Known Source")
Special Message on Database Generated URL's
Make Long URL's Manageable

Subject Directories: Commercial
Subject Directories: Library
Public WWW Sites Selected by Librarians
About Search Engines
Search Engines - Google
Metasearch Engines
Where to Begin to Search the Web
Developing a Search Strategy
Tips for Better Search Results
Refining Web Results
Reading Search Results
About "Sponsored Links"
Internet Dog
The Challenges of the Web
You Must Evaluate What You Find on the Web

Judging What You Find
Tutorial and Handouts on Evaluating Web Pages
You Be the Judge!
Web 2.0: Wikis, Especially Wikipedia
Web 2.0: Blogs
End of "Using the Web"
The Quiz


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