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Canvas Resources for Chabot Faculty

Teaching with Canvas

During our transition to Canvas, faculty have the option to use Canvas or Blackboard for their courses. Blackboard will be available to use through Spring 2018.

Request Canvas Sites

Request to Give Site Access to Someone

Request Sandbox Site

Canvas Instructor Guide


Content Migration from Bb to Canvas

During our transition to Canvas, the district has contracted with Instructure/Canvas to migrate course content from Blackboard archives to Canvas. Below is a table of the migration status per semester. Please note that the migration occurs several weeks after the semester has ended. Faculty can view migrated content under Courses > All Courses (in Canvas) and then opt to copy the content into “live” Canvas sites. Note that migration does not mean that the content will be perfect – site “clean-up” will be necessary. For more details, please see below.

Migration Status per Semester

Term How to Access in Canvas
Summer 2016 Go to Courses > All Courses
Fall 2016 Go to Courses > All Courses
Spring 2017 Request Access
Summer 2017 Request Access
Fall 2017 in progress (2/10/18)
Spring 2018 Will be migrated after Spring 2018

Don't see the migrated course(s) under "Courses"?

request access to migrated sites

Migration, Import, and Copying Guides

White Glove Service

During this transition period from Blackboard to Canvas, faculty have the option to request additional “clean up” service through Instructure/Canvas. Please note that the estimated time to complete the cleanup can last several weeks.

Request White Glove Service


 Student Enrollment Process

When are newly-added (or newly dropped) students uploaded to Canvas?

Enrollment changes made in CLASS-Web are followed by an enrollment process that occurs in Canvas during multiple times during the day. At each interval, the process can take 3-4 hours to complete. Each day, the processes begin to be processed in Canvas at 7am, 12pm, 5pm, & 10pm, , and 11pm. The the drop-delete process (dropping students with an NGR) runs at 3am.

Changes made to CLASS-Web before... Should take effect in Canvas by...      
7am 11am      
12pm 4pm      
5pm 9pm      
10pm 2pm      

Additional Resources

Canvas System Status

External Apps

Canvas MOU

Course Conversion Application

Survey of Faculty for Canvas Training

Login to Canvas

Login to CanvasCanvas logo

Faculty can now access the CLPCCD Canvas system using these Login instructions. Each instructor has been provided a blank, practice "Sandbox" site.

Canvas Status
Seeing issues with the Canvas system? You can check the status of the Canvas system here. For help logging in or specific issues, please submit a help request.

Canvas Training - In Person

Chabot Canvas Mentors:
Chabot now has three Canvas Faculty Mentors! These Mentors can provide training on Canvas through Drop-in hours and Workshops.

Mentor Drop-In Hours

Workshop Registration Form


Canvas Training - Online

Brand new to Canvas? Check out the 6-minute  “Canvas Overview Video” video on the Online Learning home page.

Live Training Webinars from Canvas  

Chabot Faculty have the option to participate in weekly 1-hour online Canvas training sessions via the Canvas Training Portal (aka "Subscription Training").

A complete list of Canvas training topics

Handout of registration instructions

How do I sign up? 

  1. Navigate to the Canvas Training Portal.  
  2. At the top, click Create an Account or Sign In. IMPORTANT: Be sure to use your chabotcollege.edu email address.
  3. Once you have created an account, be sure to click Sign In at the top.
  4. Browse topics/schedule in one of three ways: “Upcoming Events,” "Calendar" or "Browse by Category."
  5. Once you have located a session you would like to sign up for, Register Now.

Immediately after you register, you should receive a confirmation email from "Instructure Scheduling." Please note that the confirmation email displays MST (Mountain Standard Time), not PST. Be sure to use the time displayed when you registered.

Note: All of these Subscription Training webinars are held in Adobe Connect. To learn more about preparing for your webinar, check out the Canvas Help & FAQ page.

For more detailed instructions on how to sign up for the live training  click here.

Find out more: District Info on Lynda.com

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