Media Labs

The Arts, Media & Communication Media Labs support a diverse area of study, ranging from Architecture, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Film, Animation, Mass Communications, Photography, and more. Whether you're looking for a machine to edit your documentary, or simply looking for a place to draft out some ideas for your next project; our Media Labs are an ideal space for you!

Our Media Labs offer students access to computers, printers, software, and equipment that are currently used in the industry.

For more information, please contact our Instructional Assistants.

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Amelia Ngai
Sr. Instructional Assistant

Instructional Assistant

Open Lab Times

Open Lab schedules for additional rooms in building 900 vary depending on room availability and may require a reservation. Please contact our Instructional Assistants if your needs are room-specific.

Spring 2023: Check here for current lab information.
For information about remote labs, please contact our Instructional Assistants.

Equipment Checkout

Students can check out equipment for their classes in building 100, room 120. For more information about equipment checkout, please contact our Instructional Assistants.