Academic Continuity and Emergency Preparedness


  1. What Can Face-To-Face Instructors Do To Prepare?
  2. What Will Happen With Face-To-Face Classes?
  3. What To Do If You Have Never Used Canvas?
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What Can Face-To-Face Instructors Do To Prepare? 

  • Most important: Develop a communication plan with your students. 
  • Identify students who may have difficulty using online resources and consider alternate ways to communicate with them. 
  • Canvas is the best way to communicate with your students. Login to Canvas, publish your Canvas course, and send a practice communication (announcement or message) to your students. Read instructions 
  • You can also email students directly from the class roster in CLASS-Web. 
  • Remind students that the email address you have access to, may not be their preferred email. Ask for their preferred email or ask them to change their email preference in Zonemail. 
  • Make sure that any course materials on campus computers have been backed up and are available to you remotely. 
  • Make sure you have all student work and grades backed up for remote access. 
  • Visit the Online Teaching website to learn Canvas, ConferZoom and emailing students from CLASS-Web. If available, attend one of the workshops.


What Will Happen With Face-To-Face Classes? 

The information will be available on the Online Teaching webpage with resources to continue instruction from remote locations. This includes Canvas, ConferZoom, Collaborations Tool, email and more. 

  • Review these instructions: Working with ConferZoom and Emailing students from CLASS-Web
  • Instructors will be given a set of options to create instructional continuity during any type of campus closure.
  • Faculty will receive information on the Online Teaching page about State requirements regarding contact hours and protocols for documenting any changes.

What To Do If You Have Never Used Canvas? 



Mental Health Modules
If you are looking for online mental health modules to add to your distance education curriculum, please feel free to use the following modules to help supplement your classes.