Major Exploration

Educational Goals, Majors, Jobs, Careers

If you are not crystal clear on your college major or career plans, you are not alone.

Many students enter college to explore options. After all, college is about learning and growth, including exploring academic and career pathways. It’s not uncommon for students to enter with one goal, and change plans one or more times. 


Solid decisions are based on a combination of many things, including self-awareness, learning about options, and more.

Career Development Areas

Career Development Model

  • Know Yourself: Values, Interests, Strengths, Traits, Ambitions
  • Explore Options: Career Options for Degree, Industry Trends, Occupational Research
  • Get Focused: Action Planning, Goal Setting, Decision Making
  • Take Action: Gain Experience, Job Search Tools, Connect with Employers


Know Yourself & Explore Options

Get Focused & Take Action

  • First Year Experience (FYE) – Learning communities based on academic and career interest areas
  • Psychology-Counseling 10 (PSCN 10) – Career and Educational Planning course
  • Special Programs – Learning communities and targeted support services/programs