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Chabot College is continuing its ongoing efforts to provide each student the best possible experience and opportunities as they pursue their educational journey.

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What are Guided Pathways?

Although there are standard definitions of Guided Pathways, Chabot’s Guided Pathways Steering Committee also wanted to spend some time thinking about what it means to us and for us.
We wanted to define Guided Pathways . . . Chabot Style.

Guided Pathways at Chabot College

Guided Pathways is a student-centered approach to college services, counseling and program design that empowers all students to realize their educational goals by providing clear navigation to degrees, certificates, transfers, careers and personal growth. The Chabot community is committed to working together to ensure every student:

  • is met where they are,
  • builds relationships within the college community,
  • receives personalized support to effectively meet their goals.

The aim of this holistic and integrated care and guidance is to serve and enrich students’ lives through their academic and social experiences at Chabot College.

More Information on Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways funding from the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) kick-started a 5-year phased process of inquiry, design, and implementation that began in fall 2018. Throughout California, each college has developed annual Work Plans that are responsive to their own unique place in the Guided Pathways landscape.

Principles of Guided Pathways from the CCCCO

Learn more from the CCCCO’s Guided Pathways website.

Action Plan: 14 Key Elements

In order to access its Phase I funding allocation, Colleges we are required to 1) Complete the California Community College Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool, and 2) Complete The California Community Colleges Guided Pathways Action Plan, Timeline, and Allocation Summary (Work Plan) to “outline how the college will advance its work for each of the 14 Key Elements of the Self-Assessment.”

The 14 Key Elements are:

  1. Cross Functional Inquiry
  2. Shared Metrics
  3. Integrated Planning
  4. Inclusive Decision-Making Structures
  5. Intersegmental Alignment
  6. Guided Major and Career Exploration
  7. Improved Basic Skills
  8. Clear Program Requirements
  9. Proactive and Integrated Student Supports
  10. Integrated Technology Infrastructure
  11. Strategic Professional Development
  12. Aligned Learning Outcomes
  13. Assessing and Documenting Learning
  14. Applied Learning Outcomes

Work Plan: Year 2 2019-2020 Work Plan

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Why Guided Pathways?

The work of Guided Pathways starts by putting students at the center of all we do.  It pushes us to move from problem to solution, challenge to opportunity, confusion to clarity, to create a Student-Ready College. Guided Pathways builds on Chabot’s prior years of pathways and equity work, and incorporates continually evolving efforts to meet the needs of students.  Guided Pathways is for ALL students, all programs, all departments, all disciplines.

The things we already do to support students will not disappear!  We will:
  • Examine our best practices; keep them moving and/or expand.
  • Look at the gaps we’ve identified through this inquiry process, and start addressing them as a community.
  • Provide students opportunities to explore, offering more guidance, support, and resources as they make their own choices.

Guided Pathways aligns with:

Chabot College’s Strategic Plan Goal (updated 2019)

"We will provide student-ready college services and academic programs to improve educational equity and to increase the number of students who reach progress milestones, and identify and achieve their educational goals.”

Chabot College’s Equity Mission:

“The Chabot College community recognizes that many of our students have not been afforded the opportunities to succeed academically due to the disparities in racial, cultural, and economic privileges. Our mission at Chabot College is to provide students furthest from opportunity with the equitable tools to develop their full academic, social, and human potential so that success is no longer predictable by race, social class, veteran status, gender identity or citizenship. This includes developing the capacity and leadership of faculty, staff, and administrators to transform our institutions by identifying and eliminating inequitable practices or policies and by cultivating the unique gifts, talents and interests of every student.”

Guided Pathways Help Students By:

  • Improving the onboarding process so students have a more seamless entry into college regardless if they are new or returning to college, completing a few classes, certificate or degree, coming for transfer, career advancement or personal enrichment.
  • Providing intentional opportunities for exploration and informed decision-making.
  • Providing clear program maps so students know their requirements, and how those lead to next steps in their educational and/or career journey, and can progress toward them within a reasonable time.

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