WRAC Drop-In Tutoring

WRAC Center Drop-in Tutoring

  • The WRAC Center offers FREE drop-in tutoring for writing and reading for any Chabot class.
  • No appointment is necessary!
  • Work one-on-one with Chabot student tutors who are recommended and trained by Chabot English instructors. Or, choose to work with an Faculty Tutor.
  • Tutoring sessions run approximately 20 minutes but you are welcome to come back for tutoring as many times as you need.
  • WRAC Center drop-in tutoring is available online and on-campus!

How to Access On-campus WRAC Center Tutoring

  • Drop into the WRAC Center during our open hours to meet with a WRAC Center tutor. 
  • Go to building 100, to the Learning Connection (Room 108).
  • Sign in for tutoring in the main Learning Connection lobby.
  • Head left from the main lobby into the WRAC Center - room 192!
  • As soon as a tutor is available, they will find you for your session. 

How to Access Online Tutoring in Canvas: Chabot Tutoring

  1. Log into Canvas and access a course site (any current Canvas site for a Chabot course will do)
  2. In the Canvas course menu (left side of the Canvas course page), click on "Chabot Tutoring"
  3. Click the blue "Open in New Tab" button
  4. On the next page, scroll down to and click the button for WRAC Center Drop-In Tutoring
  5. Sign in to Accudemia using your Wnumber and the default password: the first two letter of your first name, the first two letters of your last name, and the last four digits of your W#
  6. select your course to be placed in the waiting line
  7. as soon as a tutor is available, you will see a button to join your drop-in session

Note: If the tutor is helping another student, you may be in a waiting queue until the tutor is available. If you are in the waiting queue longer than 20 minutes, please call or text (510) 397-8047 for assistance.

Video: How to Access Online Drop-In Tutoring

For WRAC Center Tutoring Hours and Schedule, please visit the WRAC Center Hours page!
*Note that tutoring is unavailable on campus holidays, Flex Days, and campus closures (like Spring Break). Tutoring hours are also limited during Finals Week.