WRAC Tutor for Faculty

Embedded WRAC Tutors

Have you ever thought "It would be so great to have a WRAC tutor in my classroom today to help my students with ________________"? Well, now you can! We are excited to pilot a new opportunity at Chabot:

WRAC/English Tutors Embedded in YOUR classroom

This is not the same as having a Learning Assistant supporting your students all semester long, but perfect for those one-time or occasional need. Perhaps your students are:

  • working on research and could use a little extra help from a peer to navigate the databases or create a Works Cited page?
  • practicing annotating a high-level text and pulling out key points, and could use a peer coach to assure them that they're "doing it right"?
  • working in small groups on poetry explication?
  • sharing essay drafts and could use more feedback?

If any of these scenarios sounds like something that might happen in your classroom, or if you have another idea on how to take advantage of a peer tutor in your classroom, please contact the WRAC Center Coordinator to get started.

You can indicate if you'd prefer a tutor with particular expertise (i.e. comfortable with poetry, or is good with presentations, etc.), or if you're open to any tutor since they all offer strong reading, writing, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. 

NOTE: This is a PILOT program and based on the availability of tutors during the time of your class.