WRAC Center Handout: Essay Checklist

Essay Check List

Thesis Statement

____ Does the thesis answer the assignment prompt?
____ Is the thesis placed at the end of the introduction?


Content, ideas, direct fulfillment of the assignment

____ Does the essay use outside sources as listed in assignment sheet?
____ Does the essay contain the required quotes from the source as listed on the assignment sheet?
____ Did you provide context before quoting?
____ Did you provide an explanation after quotes to show how the evidence supports the thesis?

Organization/ structure

____ Introduction paragraph (no quotes)
____ Separate body paragraphs
____ Topic Sentences at the beginning of each paragraph
____ Conclusion paragraph (no quotes)
____ Paragraphs use the PIE (Point, Illustration, Explanation) method or another form of analysis
such as TEXAS
____ Ideas and support points focused on the thesis statement
____ MLA In-text citations for all quotes



____ Spell check
____ Cited ALL quotes in correct, MLA format
____ Works Cited page (if required) in alphabetical order
____ Works Cited page (if required) on separate page
____ Proofread the entire essay out loud and edited content


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