Why Choose PACE (Program for Adult College Education)? 

Join a Multi-Semester Learning Community Tailored for Working Adults 

Are you seeking the first two years of college General Education (GE) classes? Look no further than PACE, designed specifically for individuals balancing work and education. 

Flexible Options
PACE offers evening and online classes to accommodate your busy schedule. Take 1-3 PACE courses per semester for 4-8 semesters, with the option of one course during summer sessions, depending on your availability. 

Community Support
Experience a vibrant learning community within PACE, where camaraderie thrives. Our ongoing support system creates a "college within a college" atmosphere, fostering academic success and personal growth. 

Diverse Course Offerings
Explore a wide range of PACE classes, including Anthropology, Communication, English, Ethnic Studies, Health, History, Humanities, Geography, Math, Music, Psychology, and Sociology. Connect with fellow working professionals who share your aspirations. 

Streamlined Experience
Enjoy a hassle-free scheduling process with pre-selected classes. Our dedicated instructors and PACE Counselor understand the challenges of adult learners and are committed to supporting your academic journey. 

Ideal Pathways
PACE aligns seamlessly with majors such as Behavioral & Social Science, Business, Child Development, Human Services, Liberal Arts, and Nursing. Complete your A.A. Degree efficiently and prepare for a smooth transition to a four-year institution. 

Affordable Excellence 
Benefit from a quality college education at low community college costs, saving money while completing your initial two years toward a four-year degree. Take advantage of transfer opportunities, including CSU East Bay's PACE Program, to seamlessly pursue your Bachelor's Degree as a Junior. 

Choose PACE for an Empowering Educational Journey!

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