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The Administrative Services area of Chabot College is responsible for certain aspects of the college operations surrounding funds acquisition, expenditure and management, people, and use of campus buildings. Our work is in support of student success by making sure we are carrying out the directives of our district, the California Education Code, and other directives.

One aspect of our work is accuracy and timing. We endeavor to be completely accurate, and doing that within a reasonable amount of time. As such, we are asking for our constituents to take the time to ensure that the materials presented to our various offices are correct, and within enough time to provide for human processing. That time generally will vary between 3 to 5 business days.

You will see from the organizational chart and the related individuals that these serve as touch points to provide what you need. We are very much the “behind the scenes” operation and we like being that! Having said this, we aim to be transparent, along with accurate and timely.

As you read through this guidebook you will note that there are timing needs and many of these are really critical. Please be mindful of these, especially with timesheets, purchase requisitions, board agenda items, and invoicing for grants to receive funds, or accounts that you need to have paid. Always begin any discussion with our folks here on campus, and if there is a need for interaction with the district office, we will make sure it happens.

Best practices will dictate everything we do in the Administrative Services area. This is why we would encourage you to forward anything that needs to be paid within 10 days of receipt, including travel, conference attendance, invoices, etc.

In any event, we welcome you to our area of the college and look forward to working with you!

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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 8/21/2016