English as a Second Language Students (ESL)

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The Placement Process 

To start ESL (English as a Second Language) classes at Chabot College, all students need to attend an ESL placement appointment. The appointment will take about 2 hours. At the appointment, you will: 

  1. Take the Accuplacer ESL Sentence Meaning test 
  2. Learn more about the ESL classes and levels
  3. Talk with an ESL teacher to decide on the best level and classes for you 

After your placement appointment, the next step is to register for classes. You can register any time after your priority registration date.

Make an Appointment

We offer ESL placements on campus and online via Zoom . You need to fill out the college application and receive W number before you can sign up for an appointment. See the ESL Homepage for more info.


Spaces are limited, please keep your appointment. If no appointments are available, please check again soon. New appointments will be added each week. 

  • Your 2-hour appointment will be on campus in the assessment center, in Building 700, Room 714A. 
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early. 
  • Please bring your photo ID. 

Schedule your ESL test appointment on campus

Important: You will need a laptop or desktop computer. You cannot complete the ESL assessment on your phone or a Chromebook 

To take the ESL assessment via Zoom, you will need:

  • a reliable internet connection 
  • speakers and a microphone 
  • a webcam
  • the ability to use Zoom on your device
  • Zoom Desktop Client for Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • if you have an iPad, you must set up the Zoom Mobile App 
  • Important: Your device must be set up to accept the remote control feature 
  • a quiet, uninterrupted test space

The online appointments are divided into 2 sessions.  

  1. In the first appointment, you will take the Accuplacer ESL Sentence Meaning test (about 30 minutes).  
  2. In the second appointment, you will meet with an ESL teacher to have your self-placement and decide about the level and classes that are best for you (about 1 hour).

In your Zonemail, you will receive an email invitation to a Zoom meeting from us 24 hours prior to your appointment. Please check your inbox carefully. Emails will come from Katrin Field from Chabot College. 

Sign on to your Zoom meeting five minutes early and please have your picture ID ready. 

Schedule your ESL test appointment on Zoom

If the class seems too difficult, you can move down a level during the add/drop period (usually the first 2 weeks of classes). You do not need permission to move down a level.  

In the first week of classes, your teacher will give you a diagnostic test. If you think the class is too easy or too hard, speak to your teacher. With approval from 2 ESL teachers on your diagnostic, you can move up a class level during the add/drop period.

All graduates of U.S. high schools have the right to take transfer-level English (English 1). Even if you take ESL classes, you can change your mind and enroll in English 1 at any point. 

All English language learners have the right to take credit ESL classes. That means you can enroll in ESL 110A even if your placement test recommendation is Noncredit ESL or Adult School. This is just a recommendation.