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The upgraded curriculum management system, META (formerly Curricunet), is now available for faculty to access! We are excited for faculty to learn how to use the new system and to give us feedback on what works and what could use some clarification.
Training Videos and User Guides are found on the Curriculum Development page.
Please email the Curriculum Chair or Curriculum Specialist for hands on support in using META. Zoom or in person support available.



  • Apply Title 5 and Board policies in review of course and program proposals.
  • Recommend and oversee the development of new courses and programs.
  • Recommend course outlines of record and new program applications for those courses and programs.
  • Recommend requirements for the associate degree and certificate programs to the Academic Senate for approval.
  • Recommend and oversee course proposals for transmittal to CSU and UC to meet General Education Breadth and IGETC requirements.
  • Recommend prerequisites, co-requisites, and advisory preparation for courses and programs to the Academic Senate for approval.
  • Recommend and oversee courses taught by distance learning.
  • Assist the Office of Academic Services with the development of the catalog and class schedules.
  • Recommend and oversee regulations and policy for Distance Education.

Core Representatives


  • Curriculum Committee Chair:  Robert Cattolica 510.999.5148
  • Technical Chair: George Arab, x9282


  • Library: John Chan  x6767
  • Applied Technology & Business: Chris March x7611
  • Health, Kinesiology, and Athletics: Kristina Perkins, x7211
  • Language Arts: Mark Anderson, x6888
  • Science and Mathematics: Andy Wells x7190
  • Psychology-Counseling: Shannon Stanley x6738
  • Arts, Media and Communication: Philip Enguancho
  • Social Sciences: Kay Fischer, x6686
  • FA Representative: empty
  • Articulation Officer:  Shannon Stanley  x6738 
  • Curriculum and SLO Specialist:  Meray Aghyarian x7693
  • Evaluators: Jean Lee, Rozen Bondoc, Mary Anne Nadanzo
  • Academic Schedulers: Megan Parker, Claire Bailey
  • Librarian:  John Chan x6767
  • Dean Liason: Deonne Kunkel Wu
  • VP Academic Services:  Dr. Safiyyah Forbes

Spring 2024 Curriculum Committee Meeting Calendar*

Meetings take place from 2:30-4:30 on Zoom


Zoom Link


Meeting canceled

First Meeting of Spring 2024







Priority deadline for curriculum to receive Fall 2025 effective date (not a meeting day).









*Faculty Responsibility

  • It is the faculty's responsibility to monitor Curricunet to track the progress of their proposal(s).
    • Faculty need to make sure that their proposed course or program are at the Curriculum Committee voting level by the date for their division (noted above).  
    • For assistance on how to track your proposal via Curricunet, contact your division's Curriculum Committee representative.