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What We Do

  • Apply Title 5 and Board policies in review of course and program proposals.
  • Recommend and oversee the development of new courses and programs.
  • Recommend course outlines of record and new program applications for those courses and programs.
  • Recommend requirements for the associate degree and certificate programs to the Academic Senate for approval.
  • Recommend and oversee course proposals for transmittal to CSU and UC to meet General Education Breadth and IGETC requirements.
  • Recommend prerequisites, co-requisites, and advisory preparation for courses and programs to the Academic Senate for approval.
  • Recommend and oversee courses taught by distance learning.
  • Assist the Office of Academic Services with the development of the catalog and class schedules.
  • Recommend and oversee regulations and policy for Distance Education.

The Distance Education Curriculum Support Committee (DECSC) is a subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee.

Current Members

Voting Members

  • Wayne Pitcher, (Chair)
  • Debbie Buti, Library
  • Jane Church, Counseling/Articulation Officer
  • Begona Cirera-Perez, Health, PE & Athletics
  • Mireille Giovanola, Social Sciences
  • Lynn Klein, Applied Technology & Business
  • Larry Leach, School of the Arts
  • Kent Uchiyama, Language Arts
  • Patricia Wu, Science and Mathematics
  • vacant, ASCC

Ex Officio Members

  • Edna Danaher, Student Records Evaluator
  • Kaaren Krueg, Committee Secretary
  • Tram Vo-Kumamoto, Dean of Science and Mathematics
  • Dale Wagoner, Interim VP, Academic Services

Meeting Dates

Meets every Tuesday; Room 758 or Bldg 100 computer lab, 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Forms and Tutorials

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Creating a New Course

Modifying an Existing Course

Monitoring your Proposal

Curricular Area Faculty Review

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