All students accessing in-person classes and services must show proof of vaccination

Students needing help or have questions with vaccination requirement can contact a Peer Guide during operating hours or email 
Employee Directory

Name Title Department
Wing Kam Webmaster Office of the President
Victoria Ugaki Senior Instructional Assistant Arts, Media & Communications
Sadie Ashraf Counselor/Instructor/Mental Health Counselor Counseling
Kirti Reddy Executive Assistant Office of the President
Christine Herrera Senior Administrative Assistant-Confidential Office of the President
Kim Bononcini Senior Administrative Assistant Science and Math
Craig Shira Graphic Designer Reprographics
Giselle Manansala Mail Clerk Switchboard and Mail Room
Sarah Flores Graphics Technician Reprographics
Rachael Tupper-Eoff Senior Administrative Assistant Learning Connection
Mary Love Instructional Assistant STEM Center
Cynthia Gordon da Cruz Coordinator of Institutional Research Institutional Research
Na Liu Research Analyst Institutional Research
Michael Najarro Part Time Research Analyst Institutional Research
Roland Belcher Library Technician Library
Brian Augsburger Counselor/Instructor Special Programs & Services
Robin Galas Director TRIO Educational Talent Searc, Hayward Promise Neighborhood Grant Coordinator Educational Talent Search Program
Farin Ealy Outreach Specialist Educational Talent Search Program
Janelle Reza Counselor Aspire Program
Thomas Dowrie Alternate Media Technology Specialist Disabled Students Program and Services
Sandra Genera Puente Project Counselor/Coordinator Puente
Sylvia Ramirez Student Services Assistant Special Programs & Services
Yvette Nahinu Senior Administrative Assistant Special Programs & Services
Dennis Cambara Counselor/Instructor Disabled Students Program and Services
Gabriel Chaparro STEM Center Equity Director STEM Center
Jerome Manos Athletic Counselor Athletics
Osibisa Roseby Counselor Assistant II Aspire Program
Kathryn Medina Director of Financial Aid Financial Aid
Cristina Moon Instructor Spanish
Juan Pablo Mercado, Ph.D. Instructor History
Jessica Gallucci Instructor Political Science
Alise Smith Counselor Assistant I Disabled Students Program and Services
Caren Barnezet Parrish Instructor French
Shelia Van Accounting Specialist Bookstore
Stephanie Eisenberg Todd Instructor Communication Studies
Anu Sharma Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Maria Elizabeth Oteyza Administrative Assistant Admissions and Records
Veronica Martinez Instructor Communication Studies
Rick Hassler Curriculum and Scheduling Specialist Office of Vice President, Academic Services
Nathaniel Rice Director, Disabled Students Programs & Services Disabled Students Program and Services
Dave Fouquet Faculty Association President Mathematics
Alexandra “Zannie” Dallara Instructor Life Sciences
Sandra Dorsett Adjunct Faculty Applied Technology & Business
Megan Parker Curriculum and Scheduling Specialist Office of Vice President, Academic Services
Adam Hathaway Instructor Machine Tool
Abigail Patton Interim Dean, Academic Pathways and Student Success Library, Academic Pathways and Student Success
Keith Mehl Professor Computer Science
Robert Cattolica Instructor Life Sciences
Erica Maciel Senior Administrative Assistant Arts, Media & Communications
Emily Chan CalWORKs Counseling Assistant II & Adjunct Counselor CalWORKs Program
Linda Buelna Student Records Evaluator Admissions and Records
Frank Ko Instructor Electronic Systems
Debbie Trigg Dean of Counseling Counseling
Remi Ramos Financial Aid Advisor II/Hispanic Serving Institutional Financial Aid
Mallak Mukatash Instructional Assistant Science and Math
Sean Day International Student Progam Coordinator International Students
Kristin Land Instructor English
Anamarie Navarro Tabujara Instructional Assistant Learning Connection Learning Connection
Stefanie Montouth Counselor Assistant I Counseling
Ana Maciel Financial Aid Outreach Specialist Financial Aid
Jeffrey Tsao Instructor Life Sciences
Sang Leng Trieu Mental Health Grant Coordinator Special Programs & Services
Norberto Ruiz Instructor Applied Technology & Business
Ariel Nelson Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid
Nicole Albrecht Grant Writer/Developer Institutional Advancement
Ronald Decker Senior Laboratory Technician Applied Technology & Business
James Stucker Instructor Welding Tech
Kay Fischer Instructor and Department Chair Ethnic Studies
Jim Baum Instructor Automotive Tech
Bernadette Fife Theater Manager Office of Vice President, Administrative Services
Kurt Shadbolt Instructor Automotive Tech
Katrin Field Assessment Specialist Counseling
Jay Mumford Instructor Real Estate
Frances Fon Counselor/Instructor Counseling
Kelsey Paiz Adjunct Faculty, Communication Studies Communication Studies
Jose Alegre Math and Physics Instructor Physics
Norman Buchwald Information Literacy and Technology Librarian Library
Lynn Klein Instructor Business
Amy Raymond Instructor Art History
Tess Weathers Instructor Engineering
Mary Dermody Adjunct Faculty Computer Application System
Matt Huerta Library Technician Library
Liisa Pine Schoonmaker Instructor Welding Tech
Charles Johnson Adjunct Faculty Administration of Justice
Mary Woo Nursing Faculty Nursing
Don Fuller Instructional Systems Technician Computer Support
Steve Lowery Campus Safety Officer Campus Safety and Security
Mike Sherburne Instructor Automotive Tech
Nancy Winslow Early Childhood Specialist Children Center
Alisa Yungerman Instructor English
Bob Buell Fire Technology Coordinator Fire Technology
Mary Pastore Instructor Fire Technology
Desmond Chun Instructor Computer Science
Morgan Butler Production Assistant Chabot TV
Catherine Gentiluomo Senior Administrative Assistant Nursing
Angela Castellanos Executive Assistant Office of Vice President, Administrative Services
Maria Rodriguez-Larrain Director, TRIO & MESA Science and Math
Erin Kelly Instructor Mathematics
Sally Graver Instructor Anthropology
Cheree Manicki Executive Assistant to VP of Academic Services Office of Vice President, Academic Services
Kristin Jones Instructor English
Valerie Figueiredo Administrative Assistant Financial Aid
Mark Stephens Instructor History
Paulette Lino Director of Admissions & Records Admissions and Records
Thomas Lothian Instructor Mass Communication
Michael DeGrano Adjunct Faculty Fire Technology
Gustavo Arroyo Campus Safety Officer Campus Safety and Security
Deonne Kunkel Wu Dean of Arts, Media & Communication Arts, Media & Communications
David Irving Mental Heath Counselor/Coordinator Counseling
Ming-Lun Ho Mathematics Faculty/Coordinator Mathematics
Cristina Baron Admissions & Records Assistant II Admissions and Records
Julie Coan Lead Instructor Dental Hygiene
Lannibeth Calvillo Curriculum and Student Learning Outcomes Specialist Office of Vice President, Academic Services
S. Cecilia Matasol Counselor Counseling
Dr. Ryan Scherbart Instructor Philosophy
Jane Wolford Instructor Social Sciences
Cresali Roldan-Sun Financial Aid Advisor II Financial Aid
Laura Jimenez-Olvera Counselor Counseling
Lisa Ulibarri Instructor English
Susan Fiscus Financial Aid Advisor II Financial Aid
Susan Sperling College President Office of the President
Aubrie Ross Senior Administrative Assistant Institutional Advancement
Connie Telles Nursing Program Director Nursing
Janice Fonteno Adjunct Faculty Early Childhood Development
Melissa Patterson Instructor Business
Yari Gonzalez Financial Aid Advisor II Financial Aid
Talice Dennis Communications Dispatcher Campus Safety and Security
Trisha Avila Senior Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid
Keenan McMiller Kinesiology Instructor and Head Men's Basketball Coach Physical Education
Mark Robertson Adjunct Faculty History
Patricia Shannon Instructor, PHIL-HUMN-RELS Philosophy
Hans Peeters Adjunct Faculty Communication Studies
Noell Adams Degree Audit/SEP System Coordinator Admissions and Records
Megan Jensen Instructor Life Sciences
Cheyanne Cortez Instructor Art History
Nancy Cheung Program Director and Faculty Dental Hygiene
Patrise Diaz PACE Counselor PACE
Wayne Phillips Instructor Emeritus Industrial Tech
Begoña Cirera Perez Instructor Health & Nutrition
Doris Hanhan Instructor Mathematics
Rozen Bondoc Student Records Evaluator Admissions and Records
Veronica De Enriquez Senior Laboratory Technician Life Sciences
Cesar Blanco Network Support Specialist I Computer Support
Bionca Sparrow Counselor Assistant II Counseling
Jennifer Lange Instructor Life Sciences
Matt Davis Instructor Mathematics
Damien Taylor Financial Aid Advisor I Financial Aid
Jean Lee Student Records Evaluator Admissions and Records
Mario Orozco Admission Specialist Admissions and Records
Judy Wright Admissions and Records Assistant III Admissions and Records
Diego Gaviño Outreach Specialist Special Programs & Services
Ana Gutierrez Instructor/ECD Lab Coordinator Early Childhood Development
Vanessa Morales Administrative Assistant Student Life Office
Miranda Braselton Instructor Mathematics
Maryam Younessi Instructor Geography
Najla Abrao Instructor Mathematics
Christine Coreno Instructor Mathematics
Scott Hildreth Professor of Physics & Astronomy Astronomy
Antonio Gonzalez Instructor Mathematics
Rebecca Otto Instructor Life Sciences
Mark Schaeffer Emeritus faculty, adjunct instructor Digital Media
Zarir Marawala Instructor Life Sciences
Patricia Wu Professor Life Sciences
Lora Bongard Admissions & Records Assistant Admissions and Records
Iman Kanj Counselor Guardian Scholar Program
Cheri Calcagno Instructor Health, Kinesiology & Athletics
Andy Wells Professor Chemistry
Dan Miller Instructor / Head Athletic Trainer Health, Kinesiology & Athletics
Donna Gibson Instructor Chemistry
Shawna Crawford Counselor Assistant II Disabled Students Program and Services
Timothy Harris Music Department Coordinator and Director of Bands Music
Cynthia Horn Adjunct Faculty Art
Olesia Parasiuk-Zasun Adjunct Faculty Mathematics
Jamilya Ukudeeva Instructor Political Science
Simon Abramowitsch Instructor English
Rick Moniz Instructor History
Chad Mark Glen Professor Mass Communication
Hilal Ozdemir ECD Faculty Early Childhood Development
Kathleen Stanley Senior Administrative Assistant Arts, Media & Communications
Elsa Saenz Coordinator/Counselor CalWORKs Program
Mumtaj Ismail Instructor Digital Media
Arnold Paguio Director of Student Life Student Life Office
Virginia Criswell Senior Administrative Assistant Library, Academic Pathways and Student Success
Jason Ames Professor Communication Studies
Christopher March Instructor Machine Tool
Yvonne Wu Craig Executive Director of Institutional Advancement Office of the President
Carlos Enriquez Instructor Life Sciences
Claire Bailey Administrative Assistant Applied Technology & Business
Regina Delgado Counselor Assistant II Counseling
Heather Hernandez Library Services Specialist Library
Nabil Alhamal Laboratory Technician Electronic Systems
Brittney Harrison Senior Instructional Assistant STEM Center
Shannon Stanley Counseling Faculty | Articulation Officer Counseling
Miguel Colon Instructor Entrepreneurship
Aaron Deetz Professor Photography
Bethany Eytchison-Fung Instructor Nursing
Billy delos Santos Jr. College Administrative Services Officer Business Services
Philomena Franco Fiscal Coordinator, Special Programs and Grants Business Services
Javier Espinoza Barajas Instructor Anthropology
Erich Bass-Werner Instructor Automotive Tech
Tommy Reed Umoja Counselor/Coordinator/Instructor Umoja
Kristina Perkins Medical Assistant Program Director/Instructor Medical Assisting
Ross Parker Adjunct Faculty Political Science
John Fortuna Adjunct Faculty Political Science
Charles Lowder Adjunct Faculty Computer Application System
Matthew Kritscher Vice President, Student Services Office of Vice President, Student Services
Sujoy Sarkar Media Production Specialist Digital Media
Peter Thuesen Adjunct Faculty Applied Technology & Business
Jeanine Grillo Instructor Health & Nutrition
Benjamin Barboza Counselor/Instructor Counseling
Jessica Vile Peace Officer Standards and Training Grant Coordinator Administration of Justice
Mon Khat Instructor Computer Application System
Jamal Cooks Vice President, Academic Services Office of Vice President, Academic Services
Dave Vetrano Instructor Industrial Tech
Kyle Ishibashi Math Faculty Mathematics
Terra Lee Early Childhood Development Career Navigator Early Childhood Development
Katie Messina-Silva Counselor/Instructor Counseling
Noureddine Lalami Adjunct Faculty Business
Maggie Schumacher Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Michael Lai Counselor/Instructor Counseling
Lester Abesamis Adjunct Faculty Philosophy
Robert "Bobby" Nakamoto Interim Dean, Social Sciences Social Sciences
Juztino Panella Counselor/Instructor Counseling
Erika Lachenmeier Instructor English as a Second Language (ESL)
Dr. Ramona Silver Instructor of English; Humanities; Philosophy, Religious Studies Humanities
Sopernn Beeh Keo Audience Services Arts, Media & Communications
Dmitriy Kalyagin Instructor Business
Shoshanna Tenn English Instructor and Puente Project Co-coordinator English
Joshua Telles Learning Skills Instructor Learning Skills
Jordan Jurich-Weston Adjunct Faculty Photography
Safiyyah Forbes Dean Science and Math
Briana Adams Adjunct Faculty English
Thuylan Rouland Instructor Mathematics
Nataliya Gavryshova Instructor Mathematics
Wafa Ali Senior Administrative Assistant Counseling
Yetunde Osikomaiya Counselor/Instructor Counseling
Valarie Carey Counselor Counseling
Jose Manzo Counselor Counseling
Stacey Moore Counselor Assistant II Counseling
Reena Jas Counselor Counseling
Heather Oshiro Counselor/Instructor Counseling
Emmanuel Lopez Counselor/Instructor Counseling
ShelleyRae Corpus Campus Safety Dispatcher Campus Safety and Security
Manny Kang Instructor Computer Science
Lara Bauman Instructor Physics
Terri Taylor Counselor / Instructor Counseling
Eileen Clifford Instructor Chemistry
Ryan Peter Instructor Art
Christina Mendoza Instructor Sociology
Rani Nijjar Professor Psychology
Dov Hassan Head of Theater Arts Theater Arts
John Wolfe Performing Arts Specialist Theater Arts
Ellie Hirstein Senior Administrative Assistant for the Nursing Program Nursing
Arthur (Artie) Storch Instructor Music
Skip Esquierdo Adjunct Faculty Music Recording Technology
Monique Williams Instructor English
Christina Read Career Pathways Project Manager CTE Pathways Program
Theresa Puckett Instructor English
Susan Williams Senior Administrative Assistant Applied Technology & Business
Wanda Wong Faculty Business
Alice Hale Program coordinator/Faculty Early Childhood Development
Kenneth Rawdon Director of Choral Music Studies Music
Ken Grace Instructor of Kinesiology, Health and Physical Education Physical Education
Charlene Yu Instructor English as a Second Language (ESL)
Kim Morrison information literacy and outreach librarian Learning Connection
Margo Hall Callender Adjunct Faculty Theater Arts
Yoko Otomi Instructor Japanese
Allison Golde CAS/DSPS Instructor Computer Application System
Clara McLean Instructor English
Donald Moore Adjunct Instructor Automotive Tech
Isabel Yow A&R 11 Admissions and Records
Jeff Drouin Athletic Director Athletics
Katie Berryhill Adjunct Faculty Astronomy
Erik Zell Instructor Communication Studies
Laura Chin Instructor Political Science
Sienna Dalton Senior Administrative Assistant Language Arts
Jemima Muñoz Program Director Children Center
Harjot Sawhney Professor Chemistry
Dara Greene Counselor/Instructor Counseling
Norma Hunting Instructor Accounting
Linlin Zhang Adjunct Faculty Mathematics
Lael Adediji Director Foster and Kinship Care Education
Bonnie Stipe Instructor, Studio Art Coordinator Art
Mary Ann Nadonza Veterans Specialist Veterans Resource Center
Ron Billy Campus Safety & Security Supervisor Campus Safety and Security
Kathleen Shields Adjunct Instructor Early Childhood Development
Allan Graves Instructor Entrepreneurship
Cheryl Mackey Department Chair/Professor Administration of Justice
Robert Palermini Adjunct Faculty Administration of Justice
Talia Moore Adjunct Professor Fire Technology
Sunny Lerner Adjunct Professor Paralegal Studies
Laura Nielson Adjunct Faculty Administration of Justice
Mark Anderson Instructor English
Sean Connolly Instructor English as a Second Language (ESL)
SHEILA WOODS Adjunct Instructor Language Arts
Mariella Morales Dance Faculty Physical Education
Suzanne Maher Professor Geography
Kirsten Olson Part-Time Instructor Anthropology
Shari Benson Adjunct Faculty Anthropology
Nicolas Alexander Doctor Physics
Nicole Buyagawan Adjunct Faculty Anthropology
Wayne Pitcher Chemistry Instructor Chemistry
Jeremy Trindade Math Faculty Mathematics
Diego Marquez Senior Laboratory Technician Life Sciences
Dennis Knights Adjunct Professor Mathematics
Janet Rosillo Front Office/Clinical Assistant Dental Hygiene
Rafael Clemente Adjunct Faculty Psychology
Keizen Li Qian Professor Life Sciences
Ingrid Hufgard ESL Instructor and TRIO ESL Academic Coordinator Excel
Jonathan Traugott Professor Computer Science
George Arab Professor of Chemistry Chemistry
Henny Chen World Language Instructor Chinese
Cynthia Soto Hayward Promise Neighborhoods Outreach Specialist Special Programs & Services
Makiko Mochizuki Instructor Japanese
Landon Smith Professor English
Homeira Foth Instructor English
Jacob Schlegel Instructor Chemistry
Adriana Soto Administrative Assistant Financial Aid
Michael Langdon Instructor English
Monica Olmedo English Instructor & HSI/El Centro Coordinator English
Dale Wagoner Vice President Office of Vice President, Administrative Services
Eugenia Chan User Experience and Technology Librarian Library, Academic Pathways and Student Success
Amelia Ngai Instructional Assistant Arts, Media & Communications
Zeraka Mitchell Instructor Communication Studies


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