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Scott Hildreth

Scott Hildreth
Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Department: Astronomy
phone 510.723.7468
I was a Math & Physics major at UC Davis & the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I went to graduate school at UC Berkeley in Astrophysics, worked for IBM as an engineer & manager, and later as a manager in a startup software firm. I was fortunate to teach a summer Astro class at Chabot, enjoyed the challenge, & have been here since, now in my 31st year. I also taught at CSUEB & UC Berkeley & worked on a master's degree in online education. I worked as an editor of Mercury, an astronomy magazine & helped to develop activities for teachers at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, & worked for NASA writing about results from the Hubble Space Telescope, reviewing proposals for space missions, & developing labs using data from current satellites observing the Sun and planets around other stars. I am an honored recipient of the Reed L. Buffington award for teaching, absolutely love teaching Astronomy & Physics, and love sharing how much astronomy is actually a part of our lives.