President Sperling's Message on Covid19

COVID-19 Updates

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Campus is closed. 
All in-person classes, labs and meetings are suspended.

Students can see full details at the Student Updates page.

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Please be aware that some users are experiencing an issue with MS Outlook. We have traced the problem to a back-up device as opposed to the actual mail system. ITS has been working around the clock to get this resolved. We recommend using the web-based MS Outlook alternative

Admissions & Records Office Services: 
Email - Please email us  at: from your secure ZoneMail email. We will be responding to emails throughout the day.  Submit any documents to us via your ZoneMail account (PDF preferred). 
When emailing, please send a detailed but brief message including your first and last name and W number.  We will respond to you as quickly as we are able.  We appreciate your patience while we navigate this unexpected disruption to our services.


How to scan documents using iPhone:

How to scan documents using Android:


  • Academic Renewal Petition 
    Students can request an academic renewal for substandard grades (D, F) received. The substandard grade(s) may be disregarded in the computation of a student's GPA if the work was not reflective of the student's present scholastic level of performance. Please speak to a counselor for further details.

  • Application for Admission:  PDF  Online

  • Application for Refund of Fees  
    Students may request a refund of enrollment fees as long as the student withdraws from the class during the first two weeks of class for a regular term class, or by the 10% point of the length of a short- term class. Refunds are not automatic.

  • California Non-Resident Tuition Exemption (AB540) 
    For California High School graduates

  • COVID-19 Extraordinary Withdrawal
    This form is to be used in the event that a student wishes to drop one or more courses due to COVID-19 related circumstances.
  • Duplicate Diploma/Certificate Request Form 
    (In person pick up not available at this time)
    For students requiring a replacement or an additional copy of a diploma or certificate.

  • Enrollment Verifications

    (In person pick up not available at this time)
    For verification of enrollment status for insurance or employment purposes or other reasons. 
    Companies and third parties requesting to verify a student's enrollment or degree, please contact the National Student Clearinghouse.

  • Excused Withdrawal Petition Form   
    In the event that a student wishes to drop one or more courses on the grounds of an extenuating circumstance that prohibited them from dropping these courses or continuing attendance. Extenuating circumstances are verified cases of accidents, illness, other circumstances beyond the control of the student, and other conditions, defined by the local governing board and published in college regulations. 

  • General Education (CSU or IGETC) Certification Request Form  
    IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) and CSU General Education certification verifies that a student has completed lower division general education requirements for the UC or CSU. The IGETC can be used for UC and CSU. The CSU Certification is for CSU only.
  • Incoming Transcript Evaluation
    Students who have completed coursework at an accredited college outside the Chabot‐Las Positas Community College District and/or AP test(s) may have these records evaluated.

  • Major Declaration & Change of Primary Campus  
    Make changes to student's: Major or Home Campus.

  • Student Data Change

    Make changes to student's: Name, Address, Telephone number, Social security number, E-mail address, Birthdate.

  • Petition for Admission from Dismissed Status  
    Students who have been dismissed from Chabot or Las Positas College may apply for readmission after one semester of non‐attendance.

  • Petition for Pass/No Pass Credit Grade  - Not available at this time
    Students can complete and submit this form if they choose to complete Chabot College courses for a Pass/No Pass grade, instead of a standard letter grade. This option is not available for all courses.

  • Petition for Reclassification of Residency  
    Petition to amend the residency rate determined by the data you entered on your application or to notify the college of a change to your former status.

  • Reclassification from Nonresident Status:
    Military , Military Dependent   

  • Request for Degree or Certificate  
    (Deadline extended to April 15, 2020)
    Students may receive degrees or certificates at the end of any term. Students wishing to petition for graduation must file a Request for Degree or Certificate. Please check the Academic calendar each year for the deadline dates.

  • Transcript Request
    (In person pick up not available at this time)
    A transcript is the official record of your academic achievement. You may order copies of transcripts to send to yourself or other educational institutions, employers, or agencies.