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Rick Moniz

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Rick Moniz
Department: History
phone 510.723.6958
Welcome to your U.S. History course.  We will travel through five centuries examining issues that affect us today.  Yes the past is relevant and instructive.  My name is Rick MonizI have been teaching for 35 years and my passion for history will set this course on fire.  My job is to show you the connections throughout history.  I will be provocative.   In return, I hope you will bring a passion for learning.  I hope you are inquisitive and ready to engage in the material that defines who we are as a people and a nation. As an historian, I have had the good fortune of traveling around the world and, perhaps, more importantly across this nation.   As you journey across time, I will share with you some You Tube videos.  I will be on site sharing with you what I have learned.  When I read the history of this country, I can actually say:  I have gone out to find it! So, here is my philosophy.  History is relevant.  It tells us who we are and where we are going.  Come explore our history!