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Alexander Karan

Alexander Karan
Research Analyst
phone 510.723.7471
Alex is a Bay Area native, where he attended Chabot College from 2009-2011 before going on to receive two degrees in Psychology: his BA from the University of California, Los Angeles (2013) and PhD from the University of California, Riverside (2019). His research expertise is in communication, stress and coping across multiple levels including on your own, with friends, family, and romantic partners, and dealing with minority stress (e.g., discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or race/ethnicity). Additionally, he has interests in health and well-being, especially increasing accessibility to mental and physical health knowledge, services and treatment and prevention. On the side, he has a nonprofit, The Research Room, where he makes psychological research more understandable and usable (it’s free for the public!). Please feel free to message or come to the office to chat about positive or negative experiences impacting your time at Chabot!