Outcome and Assessment Committee


  • First and Third Tuesdays of the Month in room 455
  • Fifth Tuesdays on an "as-needed" basis only


  • Support the learning college model
  • Affirm the autonomy, integrity and individuality of the teaching process.
  • Create opportunities for reflection on the education process for students, faculty and staff.
  • Maintain open and continuous dialogue about the Student Learning Outcome & Assessment cycle.
  • Make expectations/competencies/procedures for students transparent.
  • Build flexible documentation systems that can incorporate both quantitative and qualitative information about student learning.

Committee Norms

Last updated January 21, 2020

Work with others for the greater good

  • Support the mission of the College
  • Speak with “one” voice 

Function and act as a member of the committee

  • Follow through on your commitments
  • Come prepared to work with the group
  • Practice transparency

Engage in productive dialogue 

  • Give everyone the space and the time to speak (“one mic, one voice”)
  • When you speak, speak to further the Committee’s mission
  • Be respectful of others’ time: stay on topic
  • Work toward solving problems

Treat others with respect 

  • Respect differing opinions and perspectives
  • If you disagree, do so courteously



  • Julie Coan, Faculty
  • Sara Parker, Dean