International Student Testimonials


Rodrigo B.

Studying in the United States has revolutionized my perspective of the world and my life. Being an International student has been a life changing experience, it has made me mature and realize that the world is bigger and different. I am now more aware of things that I have previously not considered. I am more open minded regarding religion, cultures, food. The diversity on California and at Chabot is vast and unique. The experiences that I encountered, the people I have met, and all that I learned at Chabot is something I would never change. I've been involved in various campus extracurricular activities and on the International Club and its been awesome to help on events and to socialize this way. Also, I'm a senator on Student Senate and its been a very good experience to represent the student body at Chabot to the local and state administrators. I won the 2007-2008 International Student scholarship achievement in recognition for my leadership and academic accomplishments at Chabot College and the feeling is amazing, because you see your daily effort to be better recognized and appreciated. I strongly recommend to start your undergraduate studies at Chabot because you get a great education at an affordable price in a really nice environment.


Wen Y.
Resources in Chabot are varied and very helpful, especially the tutorial program. I decided to study French besides English in my first semester in Chabot. It's a big challenge to me, an international student, to handle two big world languages? study. My French tutor was also an international student from France. With her help, I got a very good beginning and I've decided to continue my French study in the following semesters in Chabot. Besides of only being a tutee, I decided to become a tutor in my second semester. I made friends with my tutees and many other tutors, and my English gets improved very quickly. The tutorial center is just like a big family. I really enjoy being a part of it.