UC Transfer

What is 2+2 Transfer?

Your first 2 years at Chabot College  transfer in your last 2 years at University =  4 year Bachelor Degree*

*the amount of time required to complete this coursework varies by student.

U.S. Education System and Community College 

Community Colleges have a common mission to promote and support learning and student success. Almost 50% of all U.S. undergraduates begin their study at a community college - one reason why U.S. community colleges are becoming more widely known to international students worldwide as "the gateway to U.S. higher education." These 2-year institutions, also known as technical or junior colleges, award associate degrees (or certificates) upon completion of a 2-year program of study. An associate degree enables you to Transfer to a 4-year college or university where you can obtain a bachelor's degree, usually after 2 additional years of study. Begin a career immediately in any one of hundreds of fields not requiring a 4-year degree.


UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

By preparing for and meeting specific requirements, community college transfer students have an opportunity to secure a guaranteed seat through the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) at one of the UC campuses that offer guarantee  including:


UC Davis 
UC Irvine
UC Merced
UC Riverside
UC Santa Barbara
UC Santa Cruz

Everyone Likes a Guarantee!

Note: If you have attended a university or college in your country, you MUST submit all records to the university for which you are applying for a TAG.


Associate Degree for Transfer (AD-T) for CSU

Chabot College offers 23 Associate in Art for Transfer (AA-T) and 8 Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) degrees.  These are two-year associate degrees that are fully transferable to the California State University (CSU) system and are no more than 60 semester units.

With these Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) — sometimes called a Degree with a Guarantee — students who meet the CSU’s minimum eligibility requirements are guaranteed priority admission to a CSU campus, though not necessarily to a particular campus or major.

With an ADT you will be able to earn two degrees — your associate’s degree and your bachelor’s degree — with only 120 units if you transfer into a program at the CSU that’s similar to the one in which you earned your associate’s at a California Community College.


Vist our Transfer Center for more information. http://www.chabotcollege.edu/counseling/transfer-center/index.php?ref=menu-d