Indigenous Peoples Education Association

IPEA was created in 2017 to support students of any indigenous heritage to achieve equal access to academic and career success as well as develop and maintain a healthy college community.   Our members include faculty, staff, administrators, and community members who are committed to working with students toward their educational, career, and personal goals.

IPEA Accomplishments 

Completed Work: 

  • Wing Kam created Indigenous Peoples webpages for Chabot College website.
  • Posted more than 3 options for land acknowledgement, including video on How To Do a Land Acknowledgement from Veronica Martinez and a reading from the Muwekma tribe – Monica Arellano.
  • Initiated a club, the Indigenous Students Club, IPC. 
  • Initiated relationship with the Indigenous Acknowledgement Collective at CSU, East Bay.
  • Shared resources with Las Positas College.
  • Continual data collection on Native American students at Chabot College, averaging 300-400 students each semester. 
  • Oswaldo Martin, former president of IPC, created logos for IPEA and IPC.

Some Past Speakers/Events 

  • Raised Muwekma flag Spring 2022, included Muwekma tribal members offering blessing and song.
  • Added land acknowledgement to graduation ceremony, opening of new buildings, events, meetings, etc.
  • President’s Speaker Series – speaker Winona LaDuke.Speaker – Corrina Gould, chair and spokesperson for the Confederated Villages of Lisjan.
  • Speaker – Valentin Lopez, chairman of the Amah Mutsun tribe.
  • IPEA presentation at District Board meeting. 
  • Drum Circle with Manny Lieras.
  • Water Ceremony and Sage with MaryAnne Doan.
  • Indigenous Film Festivals: 
  • “Supaman” music video 5 min, “Dig It If You Can” 18 min, “California Pow-Wow” 50 min. 
  • Native America, Episode One. 
  • Short films by Manny Lieras 
  • Panel for Indigenous Peoples Day. Panelists include CSU, East Bay faculty, members of the Muwekma tribe, and Veronica Martinez. Topic - actions we can take to recognize indigenous peoples in our (collective) community. See recording

Ongoing Work: 

  • Invite Indigenous practice and ways of knowing to our campus community.
  • Include indigenous students, staff, and faculty in decision-making meetings. When we cannot be at every conversation, keep indigenous people in the narrative.
  • Facilitate ongoing events and dialogue with local indigenous tribes, including the Muwekma Ohlone and Amah Mutsun Tribes.
  • Offer Student Education Plans for indigenous students.
  • Offer student scholarships starting Fall 2022.
  • Exploring possible Student Certificates with indigenous themes.
  • Support classes with indigenous themes.
  • Possible panels, workshops:
  • "Where do we go after Land Acknowledgements?" and “Volunteering with Local Tribes.” 
  • Continued fundraising efforts, such as First Tuesday of November donations. 
  • Rename buildings/gardens to honor local Indigenous peoples, Indigenous leaders, or Indigenous ways of being, in a collaborative effort with all parties involved, including the Muwekma tribe. 
  • Add indigenous artwork across campus.
  • Create digital stories of indigenous students. 
  • Maintain an alumni database of indigenous students.
  • Start mentorship program for students of the Indigenous Peoples Club.
  • Offer ongoing IPEA meetings, 1-2 per semester.
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Contact Us

Veronica Martinez
Enrolled Amah-Mutsun Tribal member
Communication Studies Professor and IPEA Coordinator

Elsa Saenz, LCSW
Counselor and IPEA Coordinator