Learning Skills Program

The Learning Skills Program is designed for students who are, or who may be, eligible for Learning Disability services. 

The Learning Skills Program offers three services for students with learning disabilities:

  1. Assessment for accommodations and services
  2. Foundational Skills Classes for reading/writing, math and computer
  3. Academic Support Classes for students concurrently enrolled in an academic reading, writing and/or math course


Registering for a class: Students who would like to add into a LNSK class may contact the instructor directly for add-numbers (and Zoom link information for online classes). Once you are officially enrolled in the course, you will receive direct communication from the instructor through Canvas.


Heather Clements hclements@chabotcollege.edu

Fall 2023 Classes
LNSK 117/217, 118A, 118B, 120 and SERV85

Joshua Telles jtelles@chabotcollege.edu 

Fall 2023 Classes
LNSK 101, 116, 119/219, 121


For those students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) from K-12 education, or those who may already receive academic accommodations for another disability, the Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSP&S) in Building 2400 is a supportive "first stop" to your college experience. Bring your IEP/documentation with you when you meet with your academic counselor. You may be able to access your accommodations more immediately. Also, your counselor can help you select classes for your college goals and the academic skills you are looking to exercise.



Upcoming/Current semester classes - LNSK Fall 2023 (1 page; MS Word)

LNSK Brochure of course offerings (2 pages; PDF) 

LNSK Program Infographic (1 page; PDF)

LNSK Overview Brochure (2 pages; PDF)

Contact Us

Heather Clements
Learning Disability Specialist & Instructor
Phone 510.723.6812

Joshua Telles
Learning Disability Specialist & Instructor
Phone 510.723.6660