Learning Skills Program FAQ

Do I need to have a learning disability to enroll in the Learning Skills classes?

No, however meeting with a DSPS counselor prior to enrollment may provide you with additional learning tools. One such tool could be the recommendation to take LNSK 116, the LD assessment class, which could result in your being eligible for academic accommodations in your other classes.


How do I get tested for a learning disability (LD) at Chabot College?

You can enroll directly in LNSK 116: Diagnostic Clinic, but you may save yourself some time by making an appointment with a DSPS counselor, before enrolling. The process will go smoothly if you bring all appropriate documents with you to your counseling appointment (such as prior documentation or high school IEP). If you have another disability or condition, you may find that you already qualify for academic accommodations. 


I can't find my IEP from High School. How do I start using my accommodations?

In order to use your accommodations, you will need to provide documentation to your DSPS counselor. Acceptable documentation could be your IEP or the report provided from our Chabot LNSK 116 class. It is necessary for you to bring in documentation before utilizing DSPS services. You may need to contact your K-12 school district, if necessary, to obtain a copy of your IEP.

If it's been over 3 years since you've been tested for a learning disability, expect that you will need to take LNSK 116. If your documentation is older than three years, please bring it in with you when you see your DSPS counselor. In some cases they may be able to provide "provisional" accommodations until your LNSK 116 documentation is available.

My instructor recommended that I look into academic accommodations. How do I know if I am eligible for accommodations?

After completing LNSK 116, a Learning Disability Specialist will determine if your assessment results meet the eligibility criteria for Learning Disability support services. If you have another disability or condition, you may find that you already qualify for academic accommodations. If you already possess documentation for a learning disability or another disability, you must still see a DSPS counselor before you can use your accommodations and services. 

What accommodations and support services can students receive?

Accommodations are individually based. Accommodations may include extended test time, distraction free zones for exams, alternative exam formats, note takers, priority registration, and access to various assistive technologies. In addition to accommodations, there are many resources and learning strategies available for free to all students at Chabot, from multiple tutoring centers, "intro to college" PSCN classes, special programs and more.


I took LNSK 116 (ENG 116) many years ago. How do I get a copy of my SEC?

You must contact the DSPS office to get a copy of your SEC. Please note that records are only kept for certain length of time. Side note: Officially, SECs are considered valid for up to three years. If you completed your testing more than 3 years ago, you may consider retaking LNSK 116. But please contact DSPS to see if they have your SEC.