CARES Mental Health Team

David Irving

David Irving, LMFT - CARES Coordinator 

David Irving (he/him/his) is a licensed marriage and family therapist that has been providing therapy to Alameda County for over 10 years. I use cognitive behavioral and relational therapy techniques to support students with anxiety, mood disorder, or issues with trauma. I incorporate cultural humility into my work with all students. I am very passionate about supporting college students and I am especially skilled at working with sexual and gender minorities as well as students of color. I was born and raised in Oakland, CA and I enjoy good food, good community, swimming, and self-care.

Sadie Ashraf

Sadie Ashraf, LMFT/LPCC 

Sadie Ashraf (she/her) is a counselor/instructor/therapist and doctoral student of counseling and community care with a focus in traumatology. She is a South Asian woman, 1st generation raised in the U.S., grew up in Tucson and moved to the bay area in college where she met her husband and together they have 3 active children. She is an advocate for mental wellness, equity, and inclusion work. Whether she's facilitating the Women's Circle, teaching a human services class, or providing a stress management workshop, she highly values contributing and making genuine connections. She explores therapeutic work with empathy, curiosity, authenticity and hope. She loves humor, trying different ethnic foods, competition TV shows, spirituality, and walking. She honors the meaning behind the word "namaste"--the goodness and light in me, sees the goodness and light in you.

Juztino Panella

Juztino Panella, LMFT 

Juztino Panella (he/him/éll) first came to Chabot in 2012 to play flute and percussion for a Loss & Grief ceremony, and shortly after began working in mental health at the college. He started the Rootz2Rise men’s group where self-identified men could have “real talk” about things like dysfunctional families, violence in the community, toxic masculinity, and relationship issues and get support and guidance. He also co-founded Justice Arts Collective where students could create music to express their pain and their resilience, to challenge oppression and to support one another in the preciousness of this life! Juztino works with Cultural Humility and supports students in gaining greater insight to develop tools and practices to support the transformation they desire. He provides therapy in English and Spanish, and occasionally Italian. When he is not working, you may catch him playing congas in the park or making some good Italian food!

Veronica Macapagal

Veronica Macapagal, LMFT

Veronica Macapagal is a part time Clinical Supervisor and Clinician. She has a local private practice and worked in the school districts in the area from elementary, middle, high school and now higher education. She enjoys nature, walking, gardening and traveling. Veronica helps clients see the world for what it is, see what it could be and then help students create it.

Lee Porscha Moore

Dr. Lee Porscha Moore, LCSW

Dr. Lee Porscha Moore (she/her/ella) is a Jackie of all trades; college professor, licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), certified yoga instructor, DEI trainer, lifelong student, to name a few. As a sunny SoCal native and beach bum, Porscha's communication style honors cultural humility by inviting those she serves to unpack their thoughts and feelings with laughter and grace. Outside of supporting the amazing human beans of Chabot College, Porscha's wanderlust spirit is always ready to catch a flight and eat some sweets (mmm cupcakes & ice cream).

Karen Navarro, LCSW

Karen Navarro, LCSW

Karen Navarro (she/they) works as a bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist. She is a Salvi lesbian tia from a mixed status family who has worked over the last twenty years in non-profit organizations. She has experience as a community educator on the topics of immigrant and labor rights, interpersonal violence prevention, sexual health, harm reduction strategies, facilitator and mentor training, stress management, early childhood mental health, identity exploration, burnout, and parent education including developmental milestones and healthy communication techniques for families. Over the last four years she has worked as a spanish speaking therapist and support group facilitator with STARS Community Services, Instituto Familiar de la Raza, Rafiki Coalition and Chabot College.

Jennifer Carlson CARES Intern

Jennifer Michele Carlson, CARES Mental Health Trainee

Jennifer Michele Carlson (she/her) is a therapist-in-training who is excited about being a part of the CARES team and looks forward to providing counseling support to the students at Chabot College. She also juggles the roles of being a full-time student,  caregiver to her mother, and part-time hospital worker at California Pacific Medical Center where she helps case managers and social workers coordinate post-hospital care for patients.  With Jamaican roots, she is a first-generation American and a native Californian who was born in Long Beach, raised in San Francisco, and resides in Oakland.  Jennifer calls herself a beach bum and you can find her at either Ocean Beach, Alameda Beach, or Pacifica beach at least once a week. Bodies of water bring her peace, therefore places like Oyster Point, Lake Chabot, and Emeryville Pier are also preferred destinations for Jennifer to connect with nature and take self-care breaks.