Zero Textbook Cost

As part of Chabot College's effort for affordability and equity, we are offering classes with Zero-Cost or Low-Cost textbooks and course materials.

Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC)

zero textbook cost logoFREE digital textbooks available to students.

Low Textbook Cost (LTC)

low textbook cost logoTextbooks with a cost of $50 or less.

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How can I find ZTC and LTC Classes?

In Class-Web

OPTION 1: See the list of classes with Zero or Low textbooks cost.

Search for classes and look for the symbol for Zero or Low textbooks cost and course materials


    1. Login to CLASS-Web.
    2. Lookup class and select a section.
    3. The right most columns will show if the class has either:
      • zero cost textbook icon "Zero Textbook Cost"; Or

      • low cost textbook icon "Low Textbook Cost"

At the College Bookstore

Classes using OER materials can be found at the Bookstore's OER webpage.


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