Save on Textbooks

Textbook Vouchers (coupons)

These Chabot College programs can help pay your textbooks. Eligibility and conditions may apply.


Textbooks Rentals

Available at the Bookstore. See their Rental FAQ.

Chabot College Library

Our library has many free books, ebooks, journals and additional materials available for students to use.

Zero or Low Textbook Cost

Look for Chabot College classes with Zero-Cost or Low-Cost textbooks and course materials, in Class-Web.

zero textbook cost Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) means no textbook costs for the class.

low cost textbooks Low Textbook Cost means the costs of required course materials for the class is no more than $50.

  1. Login to CLASS-Web.
  2. Look up class and select a section.
  3. The right most columns will show if the class has either:
    • zero cost textbook icon "Zero Textbook Cost"; Or

    • low cost textbook icon "Low Textbook Cost"
Classes using these materials can also be found at the Bookstore's OER webpage.