Submitting Videos to Post on Chabot College YouTube Channel

Submitting your video

Requests are accepted from Chabot College employees only.
Important Reminder: you and your production team are responsible for adhering to all copyright and ADA accessibility requirements. More details below.
  1. Email your request to; and,
  2. CC your supervisor, manager, or dean; and,
  3. Provide all of the following:
    1. The video file in one of the following formats: mp4, ​mov, avi, wmv.
      And, the caption file in one of the following formats: .srt, .sbv, .sub, .vtt​
      For ADA Accessibility compliance, all videos are required to have closed captioning.
      When working with external vendors, include the caption file as a deliverable in the contract and/or statement of work.

      UPLOAD and SHARE
      Both the video and caption file are required, and use the same filename to associate them.

video file 1: about-chabot.mp4
caption file 1:

video file 2: chabot-grads.mp4
caption file 2:

Use one of the following to share the files with me:

      1. Microsoft OneDrive: Your Chabot email account has OneDrive. Create a folder, upload all your files, and then share the folder with
      2. Or, Google Drive: Create a folder, upload all your files, and then share the folder using the 'Anyone with the link can view' option. Email that link to
    1. Title
    2. Description, such as the purpose of the video.
    3. Who is the intended audience: current students, prospective students, employees, or public.
    4. Any credits such as producer, soundtrack credits, etc
    5. If the video is meant for a specific time, please specify. For example, Fall 2020 enrollment
    6. If any, what is the expiration date?
      For example, a video expiring in a year means it can be removed a year from the posted date.  
    7. Email all information to

Fair Use and Copyright

Understand Fair Use when producing your video. Learn more from the US Copyright Office Fair Use video.

Read more about copyright.

Chabot College and CLPCCD reserves the right to remove or refuse posting videos with any questionable material due fair use and other concerns.