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MOVEMENT is the Asian American and Pacific Islander learning community at Chabot College. This program is designed for students interested in Asian American and Pacific Islander culture and experiences. MOVEMENT students receive individualized counseling and transfer planning support, leadership opportunities, and curriculum centered around Asian American and Pacific Islander history, literature, and culture. 


  • Represents our history and experiences of migration
  • Connection to the Ethnic Studies “movements” of the 1960s - today
  • Symbol of Growth/Transition: Journey toward Transfer and Degree Attainment

How to Join

For New or Returning Chabot College Students:

  1. Complete the MOVEMENT Application
  2. Michael Lai, MOVEMENT Counselor/Coordinator, will reach out to you with NEXT STEPS
    Michael will meet with you to set up your semester schedule with MOVEMENT Courses
  3. MOVEMENT faculty will connect with you to review program expectations and enrollment
  4. Attend MOVEMENT Fall/Spring Orientation


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Contact Us

Student Lounge
Building 2300, 2nd fl, Room 2301

Michael R. Lai
Movement Counselor/Coordinator
Office: Building 700, 2nd Floor, Room 767E. 

Meet Our Team