Dental Hygiene Advisory Committee

Agenda and Minutes

2024 Members

  • Julie Coan, RDH, BSDH, MPH: Program Director
  • Hollie Meier, RDH, BSDH: Full-time Faculty
  • Laurie Bercasio, RDH, MS: Full-time Faculty
  • Randall Hashimoto, DDS: Part-time Faculty
  • Sridevi Ponnala, DDS: Tiburcio Vasquez health Centers
  • LaJuan Hall, DDS: Pediatric and General Dentistry
  • Tricia Alzola: Second-year Dental Hygiene Student
  • Veronica Marin: Second-year Dental Hygiene Student
  • Godfrey Soriano: First-year Dental Hygiene Student
  • Vanessa Hinton: First-year Dental Hygiene Student
  • Anna Pappietro, RDH: President of East Bay Component and Chabot Graduate
  • Sarang Han, RDH: Chabot Graduate, 2022
  • Pedro Solorio, RDH: Chabot Graduate, 2023
  • Marlene Gomez: Administrative Assistant
  • Jennifer Duarte: Clinical Assistant