Program Costs

Professional Examinations & Fees

Graduates of the program receive an Associate of Arts Degree in Dental Hygiene and are eligible to take the National Dental Hygiene Board Exam (written) and the Licensing Board Examination (clinical) for licensure in the State of California.

Item Cost
Live Scan      $79
NBDHE $415
CDHA $25
WREB $1200
DHCC $200
Total $1919*

*2018 fees and subject to change


Estimated Program Expenses

Item Cost

First Year Textbooks for Dental Hygiene courses only


Second Year Textbooks for Dental Hygiene courses only


Dental Hygiene Instrument Kit & Supplies $5900
Certified Background $175
Blood Pressure Apparatus (bookstore price)       $29
Clinic Attire (DH1) Name Tag $10
Scrubs (estimated cost) $200
Student Liability Insurance - 2 years $86

Additional costs may include:

National Board Preparation Course



*fees subject to change


Chabot College Fees

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