Directions for Adult School/High School/ROP Teachers & Administrators

Title 5 of the California Educational Code is very clear about the faculty role in curriculum development at the community college level. It is the community college faculty members who determine and authorize the appropriate curriculum and articulation.

In order to determine if your courses are appropriate for articulation with a Chabot College course you will need to work collaboratively with Chabot College faculty.

Once courses have been identified, the appropriate faculty/teachers will need to meet to compare course outlines, competencies, end of course assessment(s), and any other vital information to determine if an agreement is possible.

Articulation is on a course by course basis - Current Articulation Agreements. Agreements are valid for three academic years from the endorsement date of Chabot College faculty/administration.

Chabot College Articulation Process


New and Renewed Articulation Agreements - All complete and signed articulation agreements must be sent to Chabot College, Christina Read,, by October 31st each year to be considered for the current academic year. An invitation to articulate will be sent to each partnering district at the start of each academic year. There will be a scheduled Articulation Summit in October of each year for Adult School/High School/ROP instructors to meet with CC Faculty to work on articulation agreements in person.

2-step process to articulate your course with Chabot College

Step 1 - Pre Agreement Process

  1. Consult with your Adult School/High School/ROP colleagues to determine the following:
    •  Is your course comparable to the Chabot course?
    • Are there valid reasons to pursue articulation for this particular course?
    • Is your course outline detailed and current with the Chabot course?
    • Is there a teacher available who has the time and desire to work through the collegial consultation and approval process?
  2. Identify similar courses using CC resources including: Course Outlines, Chabot College Catalog
  3. If course outline is not available, email CC Articulation.
  4. Contact CC Faculty to discuss potential course articulations for the next academic year. Prior to contacting CC faculty, be prepared to submit course outline and final exam for review and/or discussion.
  5. Upon agreement with CC faculty for potential articulation, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 - Agreement

  1. Complete Adult School - High School - ROP Course Articulation Agreement form.
  2. Print and complete the Articulation Packet.
  3. Include as cover with all required documentation.
  4. Obtain signatures.
  5. Scan and email fully signed articulation agreement to CC Articulation, for college faculty/administration endorsement.

Agreement approval and submission CC Articulation are due before October 31st of each year.
If fully signed articulation agreement is not received by November 15th, the agreement will not be eligible for articulation in that current academic year.

After approval, teachers can:

  1. Create teacher account in CATEMA. Refer to the Teacher Quick Start Guide.
  2. Create class in CATEMA.
  3. Help students apply to Chabot College for the spring semester of the school year after Oct. 1.


Note: When all college level approvals are completed, a copy will be scanned and emailed to the instructors of record and the course will be added to the inventory located on this web site and on CATEMA.